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Tuesday  17 April  2018  12:00 PM    Tuesday  17 April  2018 1:00 PM
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The physical practice of yoga, is all about balance. This class is ideal for anyone looking to explore the subtleties of both effort and ease as you learn to move more mindfully. With attention to the breath and fluid movement, you’ll warm up with Sun Salutes and flow through a skillful sequence, working toward a peak pose or targeting a specific body part.

A yoga class for those newer to yoga or those wanting a basic flow class linking breath with movement and work to build strength and endurance as you push the edge of your balance and flexibility.  This class introduces foundational yoga postures, teaches you how to breath and helps you feel more comfortable in the yoga practice. Although this class moves at a slower pace than the other vinyasa classes, expect to be challenged both mentally and physically. 

If you want to do yoga, at any age, weight, or strength level, I welcome you. I truly believe yoga is for everyone.

Here’s what you need to know before class: It’s always advisable to avoid eating an hour before yoga, wear clothing that allows freedom of movement in the body (doesn’t have to be yoga specific clothing). Show up prepared to move. Yoga stretches and strengthens the body through a series of postures in which you support your own weight and focus on conscious breathing—both of which can be more challenging than they sound.  Most of all come to have fun!

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