Wild Home: A Sensuous Journey of the Soul

Wild Home: A Sensuous Journey of the Soul
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From Thu 16 July 2020 to Sun 19 July 2020
From Thursday 16 July 2020 to Sunday 19 July 2020
1:00 PM - 11:30 AM

Come home to the rivers, the canyons, and the soil.

Come home to the raw language of your soul.

Come home to the song that is always singing within you, that cannot be lost, that can always be rediscovered in the arms of nature.


The 'Wild Home:  A Sensuous Journey of the Soul' is 4-days of camping, healing, adventure, and trekking into the beautiful Gila Wilderness. 

The journey will beckon you to listen to your body, to connect deeply with your intuition, and to find strength in the support and nurturance of nature.

This is your opportunity to journey into the heart of one of the last wild lands in North America.  


What is a Sensuous Journey of the Soul?

This is a journey back home to our centers, through the sensual, wild, and nurturing embrace of Lover Earth.

This is an invitation to feel more deeply alive.

Gaia Surya and Danielle Petersen of Wild Soul Living will be guiding the group into a tactile dialogue with the wilderness within us and around us.

The voluptuous brazen Earth is always here to help us remember our wholeness.

All we have to do is allow nature’s beauty and fierceness to affect awaken us to this truth.

This retreat is an exploration of how to live an ecstatically meaningful life, in deep sensual connection with ourselves and all of our relations.


Is this adventure for you?

This work is intensely intimate and necessitates a willingness to look within, to let go of your habitual way of being, and to allow your body to play and unfold in its own way.

Are you craving the space to let go and be dazzled by life?

Sensual nourishment and wild potency pull us out of our stuck places and invite us into a reverent relationship with ourselves.

Your facilitators and fellow participants will be here to walk with you into the unknown, reflect your truths to you, help you explore your intuitions and boundaries, and invite you to play and rest.

This weekend is about:

  1. Celebrating the landscape of Lover Earth

  2. Getting to know ourselves as part of the Earth

  3. Regaining  trust in our capacity to FEEL our own innateness, primal body
  4. Getting down and intimate with the rivers, canyons, mountains, plants, and animals...including the animals within us

  5. Letting ourselves be held, supported, and nourished

  6. Playing, resting, grieving, being challenged, and feeling at home in our skins

  7. Allowing conversations with nature to open us to new paradigms of connectedness and magic

  8. Cultivating sensitivity to our intuitive animal bodies


During this weekend retreat:

You will be given space to play and rest, and will be offered simple potent tools:

  • Practices to deepen your intuitive connection with nature

  • Yoga, animal play, and dance to help us honor our inner rhythms

  • Earthing as a way to bring in harmony and aliveness

  • Partner and small-group exercises to help us reflect and support each other

  • Self-nurturing, eco-sensual pleasure, and sensory explorations

  • Journeys into rivers, canyons, streams, secluded hot springs, mountains, caves, and more

  • Sound, energy, and soul work

  • Embodiment practices and rituals to nourish your sense of aliveness and ease you back to your innate center of power


During this weekend retreat:

We will use simple potent tools such as self-nurturing meditations, emotional freedom healing sounds, energy cultivation and circulation, sensory exploration, soul work, animal play of the wild and sacred ritual experience. 

  • 5 essential practices for a deeper connection with mother earth

  • Earthing as a way to resource our bodies to bring in harmony and aliveness

  • Rhythms of Life: an exploration of honoring our inner rhythms through yoga, animal play, and dance

  • Self-nurturing, sensual and sensory exploration experiences and exercises

  • Journey into rivers, canyons, streams, secluded hot springs, mountains, caves, and more

  • Embodiment practices to awaken more fully to your true nature

  • Practices and rituals to nourish your sensual nature and to ease you back to your innate center of power



  • 3 nights/4 days camping

  • Teaching, group facilitation, and individual attention from Gaia and Danielle

  • Certified Wilderness First Responder on staff

  • Wilderness Guides available to help carry your pack (if needed; limited availability)

  • Consultation for gear and supplies

  • Two pre or post private coaching sessions, one from Gaia and one from Danielle ($300 value)

  • Camping and hot springs

  • Not included:  Transportation and food


Need to Know:

  • Requires a 14-mile round trip journey

  • The Gila Wilderness is located near Silver City, New Mexico

  • Car Pooling from Denver, CO, and Sante Fe, NM will be available for those interested

  • Previous camping experience is recommended, but not required

  • Any physical needs or injuries should be discussed prior to registering

  • We will not be setting up camp every night


Brief Overview of Schedule:  

We will meet at 2:00 pm in a designated location near Silver City, NM which is 5 hours west of Sante Fe, NM and about 9 hours south of Denver.   We will close the circle by 3:00 p.m. 

Day one:   Arrive at 2:00.  Set-up tents at a car camping campsite at 2:00 pm. Opening ceremony and ritual. Setting intentions and connection.  Hot Springs, Adventure and Cliff Dwellings.

Day two:  We rise in the early morning to begin our quest into the backcountry.  Our day begins with a breathtaking 7-mile hike in a beautiful box canyon.  The journey will be full of surprises, adventure, ritual and teachings as we cross multiple river crosses, caves and untouched terrain.   By mid-afternoon, we will set-up camp for the next two days.  This day is designed to be intense, powerful, healing, releasing, and transformative.    To conclude the day activities, we celebrate our animal skin with an evening fire ceremony and healing circle.  

Day three:   A reflective day in which we will walk along a river bed to the remote hot springs.   Including in this day is individual and group exercises.  This day is an opportunity to slow down, explore and connect with the land, ceremonies, and healing sessions

Day four:   Pack up camp and journey back.  Stop at another local hot spring.  Closing ceremony.  Return to cars by 3:00.

If interested in staying a 4 night, let us know as we can help make arrangments/recommendations


About your facilitators:

GAIA SURYA is a counselor and teacher who uses the resources of the animal body and the spirit world to help clients feel more alive, connected, and free from the burdens of trauma or entities.
They are a leader of the international Ecosex movement, and facilitate gatherings focused on somatic nourishment and eco-communion. Their private practice is based in Longmont and Boulder.
DANIELLE PETERSEN is an avid wilderness adventurer, herbalist, teacher, and soul coach. She is the owner of Wild Soul Living and co-founder of the Wild Heart Experience.
Danielle is a certified clinical herbalist with a focus in ethnobotanical studies and women's studies. She is a Yoni Egg practitioner. She has also completed and studied with Newfield Network Ontological Coaching, Authentic Relating, and Integral Center’s T-3 Facilitator training.
Her diverse background in herbs, gardening, wilderness survival and camping, women’s empowerment, young girls sexual education, authentic relating, ontological coaching, tantric studies and soul essence embodiment all tie into her core teachings and passions which are erotic innocence, awakening to your own aliveness, and sensual empowerment. She offers private sessions, herbal products, multi-day retreats, as well facilitates the monthly workshop in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

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