WGID Chicago Birthday Bash

Saturday  17 September  2016  1:00 PM    Saturday  17 September  2016 4:00 PM
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Last update 11/10/2016

Get your tickets here! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-get-it-done-chicago-birthday-bash-tickets-27155982274

Summer may be coming to a close, but good things are coming your way.

On September 17th, Women Get It Done (WGID) is celebrating one year of building inclusive communities for women with an Outdoor Birthday Bash Fundraiser.** AND ALL AMAZING WOMEN ARE INVITED TO ATTEND, regardless if you've attended any prior WGID events or not!

**It’s so incredible we had to use 4 words to describe it**

This isn’t your great grandmomma’s party. We’ll eat, dance (possibly twerk), and share stories about the impact of our community and the future of Women Get It Done.

This year the WGID Chicago Birthday Bash is dedicated to raising funds to bring even more programs, support, and resources to inclusive communities of diverse women all over the nation.

Check out the ticket levels below choose how you can help us further our impact. We can’t wait to see you there!

- Hip hop dance clinic
- Appetizers
- A signature Women Get It Done cocktail: The "Fall is upon us!"

$5 - Amelia Earhart Level
$10 - Michelle Kwan Level
$20 - Sonia Sotomayor Level
$50 - Esther Ross Level
$75 - Michelle Obama Level
$100 - Indra Nooyi Level
$250 - Oprah Level


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Elissa Marcus Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/09/2016 16:49
Soo sad I missed this! I had a client who needed some last minute things so.... duty calls! I'm mad jelly over that cake!

Felicia Holman Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/09/2016 20:08
Thanks for the invite, Mckensie Mack...I'm working at Links Hall 9-5 tomorrow, though.
McKensie Mack
-- 16/09/2016 20:08
Aw man! You will definitely be missed.

Trish Darragh Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/09/2016 18:45
Sounds like so much fun.🎵 Wondering if a babe like me can dance with a walker??Well just come 'n' see. ImpairedWithFlair.com 💋

McKensie Mack Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/09/2016 17:27
Tomorrow is that day. We're proud to be supported by community dance center Recycled Barre. They'll be hosting a FREE dance clinic at 3pm for our WGID one year celebration. Come and dance away that stress boys and girls as you pretend you're doing jigs in faraway places. Haven't gotten your ticket yet? Find it HERE: http://bit.ly/2cre2bP https://giphy.com/gifs/l41YfcbSoHyk5quLC #WGIDChicagoyeartwo

Nicole Renée Vasquez Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 13/09/2016 18:31
We'll be sippin' on a whole bunch of these Social Enjoyments sparkling drinks on Saturday, and yes, they have alcohol in them ;) "SOCIAL drinks are certified Organic, 88 calories per can, Gluten-free, Sulfite Free and only 1 gram of Sugar, 4 carbs." Drink up ladies!!! #liveSOCIAL #drinkCLEAN
McKensie Mack
-- 13/09/2016 18:31
Alcohol is the word of the day

McKensie Mack Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 13/09/2016 15:58
Are you in need of grub this Saturday? Do I have the solution for you! Our sponsor Thirty-Seven Events is bringing the FIRE with home cooked appys like you've never seen before this weekend. We'll also have much needed dranks and sweets to nourish your soul. Have you purchased your ticket yet? If not, head on over to Eventbrite and get yours. Tickets start at just $5 and all ticket purchases go towards building inclusive, resource driven communities for women around the nation. Let's get it! http://bit.ly/2coOgEn #womengetitdone

Nicole Renée Vasquez Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 12/09/2016 21:32
Due to inclement weather, we have moved this event to The Shift (4101 N. Broadway). Food and drinks will be provided. ALL amazing women (and men) are welcome to attend! Don't forget to RSVP through the eventbrite link. And if you can't donate anything do not let it stop you from attending. We just want YOU there!
Nicole Renée Vasquez
-- 12/09/2016 21:32

Nicole Renée Vasquez Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 07/09/2016 16:25
Add September 17 to your calendar now!! Our outdoor bash event is open to all amazing women, so please share it with a kick-ass woman (or five) that you know. Please RSVP at:

Nicole Renée Vasquez Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/08/2016 22:59
The eventbrite page is live! Whenever you have a moment, please RSVP via:

Kim Durden Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/08/2016 17:06
Please let me know if I can contribute any appetizers or whatever!! Can't wait...so excited!
McKensie Mack
-- 16/08/2016 17:06
We would love that Kim!

Heidi Ketroser Massey Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/08/2016 13:21
Yeah, you don't want me twerking any time soon...
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