Getting Weller Event

Friday  2 March  2018  8:30 AM    Saturday  3 March  2018 5:00 PM
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Last update 04/03/2018

What if you had a way (or big enough reason) to not only raise your standards but to create a policy and gameplan for what you want out of life?

From the shape we are in, finances, relationships, etc., your health is a reflection of our thoughts, diet and decisions.

Dreaming about a life that you desire is only a wish, until you create a big enough why for yourself.

Unfortunately, we cannot change our yesterday and worrying about tomorrow will never allow you to enjoy the journey of now.

But imagine...
√ Waking up with purpose and excitement!
√ Having deeper meanings to your relationships.
√ Understanding why people are the way they are.
√ Creating a healthy lifestyle is easier than you think!

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