Volunteer Event - Cook for and Dine with Families at Local Homeless Shelter

Saturday  20 April  2019  1:00 PM    Saturday  20 April  2019 11:00 PM
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Last update 21/04/2019

Minnesota Atheists will have another powerful and unique volunteer opportunity at the Family Place homeless shelter in downtown St. Paul. Although it is right next to the First Baptist Church, and that church provides help to the shelter, the Family Place is a completely secular 501 (c)(3).

***Look in the comments section for ingredients and reply with what items you intend to bring with you! Please keep your RSVP updated!!***

We will be preparing dinner for as many as 50 people (we'll know the exact number the day before we will serve) at the Family Place. We will then dine with the families and then clean up afterward. We will have full access to their kitchen to make the preparations. The food we serve is up to us.

We should plan on arriving by 3 PM for orientation, set up, and meal preparation. The orientation for new participants lasts approximately 30 min., dinner is served at 4:30 PM. Clean up the dining area and kitchen after the meal. We will be going to the Bulldog after for drinks and conversation please join us.

For parking:

The Family Place rents parking space from First Baptist Church so you can park for free in their lot (do not Park on the street since it is a ticket and tow area); the entrance to the parking lot is a few feet East of the corner of 9th and Wacouta. The exact address is 499 North Wacouta Street, St. Paul, MN 55101. Drive to the far end of the lot, park, and walk across the street which will place you on the corner of 10th and Wacouta a few feet from of our entrance at[masked]th St. E. You will need to be buzzed into the building and the call button is located at the right side of the double doors which are not marked. Please use our 10th St. entrance and not the church entrance on Wacouta.

If you're using GPS to find the shelter, use the 499 North Wacouta Street address (which is where we park) since most GPS systems cannot find the appropriate location when using the[masked]th St. E. location.

The Minnesota Atheists is a partner organization of the Volunteers Beyond Belief.


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The Family Place
244 10th St E, Saint Paul, United States
The Family Place
244 10th St E, Saint Paul, United States
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