Tumbleweeds Cares (Week 2)

Monday  13 March  2017  9:00 AM    Saturday  18 March  2017 8:00 PM
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Tumbleweeds Cares Week 2:
Every Week our employees will have an opportunity to create a new menu product and sell it to benefit an organazation thats near to them. Each employee gets to brainstorm a product, name that product, and choose a cause in which to bless. Tumbleweeds will donate 50% of the sales from that product to the particular organazation of the employees choosing.

WEEK 2 belongs to Jake Myers.
Jake has chosen to create a Crisp burrito that has both Beans and Beef in it.. Some call it a Crisp Combo Burrito!
This will be just like our other crisp burritos but it will have Beans, Beef, and Cheese inside! These will be sold for $3.75 each of which $1.88 of Each Burrito sold will be donated to the Jacksen Ashton Foundation!

The Jacksen Ashton foundation was formed by Tony Ashton shortly after his son Jacksen passed away after being involved in a major car accident in March of 2008. Jacksen enjoyed music and excelled in both Piano and Drums. The Jacksen Ashton Foundation was formed to grant Scholorships to Seniors to help with college as they persue music in some way as Music was something that Jacksen enjoyed very much. In the past 9 years they have given $36,000 in scholorships. It is the foundations goal to give One $4,000 scholorship per year.

Jake is particurly interested in the Jacksen Ashton foundation as Jacksen was his cousin.

Please consider Helping Jake the week of March 13th-18th as we try to raise as much as possible for the Jacksen Ashton Foundation.
If you want to donate on your own you can do that at www.columbiabasinfoundation.com and in the memo- Write Jasksen Ashton Foundation.

Feel Free to Call Tony Ashton at 1-509-989-0827 for any additonal information on the foundation or the story.

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