Transformative Chakra Journey!

Monday  21 May  2018  10:00 AM    Sunday  27 May  2018 2:30 PM
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with Dana Lynne Andersen May 21-27, 2018

Learn how ancient and contemporary knowledge dovetail to illumine a UNIVERSAL MAP of the SOUL'S JOURNEY!

This extraordinary workshop conjoins pioneering 'left brain' information with transformative 'right brain' experience.

You will learn how each Chakra holds the key to a part of your life- -- through clear, articulate information that draws from psychology, science and perennial wisdom. Then, through powerful inner explorations, you will TRANSFORM the energy patterns you carry in your chakras and in your life.

Each session focuses on one of the Chakras. In the morning you will learn about the Chakra from the perspective of psychological development and scientific principles as well as enduring spiritual traditions. You will learn the life patterns that are wired into our chakra's at key developmental stages, and how we can shift the 'karma' that is patterned in our energy body.

In the afternoon we will use creative process to explore and transform our patterns. For each chakra, we will use a specific creative modality as a means of exploration- for instance. clay for the first chakra, watercolor for the second chakra, etc. Multiple creative modalities (painting, sculpture, movement, theatre, yoga, music, meditation, chanting & affirmation, etc) provide a profound experience of the seven inner realms.

Absolutely NO artistic talent or ability is required. We use creative modalities in ways that are playful, yet profound. The process, not the product is the focus.


-A universal map of the soul’s journey and the inner realms
-The key energies, attitudes, and capacities of each of the seven realms
-Tools and techniques for activating, healing and balancing each chakra
-How to master the areas of life governed by each chakra

~!! How to illumine the full spectrum of your Being- from the roots of the first chakra to the crown of the 7th chakra!

Bring the eight-fold path of yoga to life. Seize the keys to the 7 kingdoms and watch your world change. This adventure in self-discovery will transform your understanding of your life and its possibilities.

TUITION of €900 includes all studio materials and workbook.

Meals and accommodations are available onsite


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The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness
38950 SW Laurelwood Rd, Gaston, 97119, OR, United States

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The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness
38950 SW Laurelwood Rd, Gaston, 97119, OR, United States
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