Too Hot to Handle: Speaker Panel + Tour

Saturday  4 June  2016  2:00 PM
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Join CSPG this Saturday, June 4th at 2 PM for a panel and tour of Too Hot to Handle: Posters on Climate Change, Pollution & Environmental Justice, on display now through June 30th at Mercado la Paloma.

Light refreshments will be provided.


The panel will feature local community members working to advance environmental justice, including Nancy Halpern Ibrahim, Carol A. Wells, Sabina Virgo, Yuki Kidokoro, Joshua Navarro, and Sandy Navarro.

Nancy Halpern Ibrahim is the Executive Director of Esperanza Community Housing. In 2003, Nancy was welcomed into the UCLA School of Public Health’s Alumni Hall of Fame, which recognized her “outstanding accomplishments in community-based health programs, including community health education and training.” Nancy received her Master of Public Health degree from UCLA, and has worked in the field of women’s health and development for the past twenty years.

Carol A. Wells is an activist, art historian, curator, lecturer, and writer. In 1988, Carol founded the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, an educational and research archive with more than 85,000 social movement posters from the 19th century to the present. She believes that the power of graphics can combat public apathy and feelings of helplessness, and help open up a truly democratic arena for political debate.

Sabina Virgo is a long time labor organizer, speaker, and community activist. She is a member of the steering committee of SOCal350 climate action and a member of MLK Coalition.

Yuki Kidokoro is the National Organizer of the Our Power Campaign. After graduate studies in Urban Planning at UCLA, Yuki spent 15 years at Communities for a Better Environment as a Youth Organizer, Lead Organizer and Southern California Program Director. She also helped carry out CBE’s movement building work with the California EJ Alliance and with the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance at the state and national levels. Raised in Southern California, Yuki helped to create a 40+ unit housing cooperative at the Los Angeles Eco-Village in Central Los Angeles where she is an active member.

Joshua Navarro is a resident, high school student, and youth activist in South Los Angeles. As a member of the environmental justice campaign People Not Pozos, Joshua advocates for the health and safety of all communities impacted by neighborhood drilling. Most recently, Joshua Navarro helped form the South Central Youth Leadership Coalition (SCYLC) to recruit and empower other youth in his community.

Sandy Navarro is a life-long resident of South Los Angeles with a strong connection to the community. She is involved in multiple community-led beautification projects and health-driven collaborations throughout South Los Angeles. Currently she is the Coordinator for People Not Pozos, an environmental justice campaign, which is an initiative of Esperanza Community Housing. The campaign brings awareness on the hazardous effects of oil and gas excavations on sensitive populations in residential areas through community outreach and organizing, and aims toward a city-wide prohibition.


Mercado La Paloma, a project of Esperanza Community Housing, is a former garment factory that was transformed into a vibrant community space and marketplace in 2001. El Mercado's food court serves authentic cuisines from Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, Ethiopia, Thailand and more.

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Mercado La Paloma
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