Theta Healing: Intuitive Anatomy

Theta Healing: Intuitive Anatomy
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From Mon 11 October 2021 to Fri 29 October 2021
From Monday 11 October 2021 to Friday 29 October 2021
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

The Intuitive Anatomy Course is here!!

This course is a bootcamp for Theta Healers, a deep dive into the magic of the human body, and life transformation!

In the Intuitive Anatomy course, you will discover the miracles of the human body, taking your Theta Healing practice to a completely NEW level.

During these 3 weeks, participants will develop and enhance their intuitive abilities, allowing them to accurately perform body scans, deep examinations of the different functions and systems of the human body, gain insights on how to communicate with the organs, as well as how to most effectively heal physical ailments.

This is a fascinating course; you will discover energetic patterns and beliefs associated with each system of the body, receive daily clearings of old traumas and destructive patterns that will allow the mind/body/soul to heal and raise its vibration to vibrant health, all while getting practice to work on each other, clear limiting beliefs, and become proficient in the digging process.

This class was designed for deep self-healing that leads to faster and more accurate intuition, more vitality and increased well-being. It is for serious Theta Healing practitioners who desire to become highly skilled at using the Theta Healing modality.

Additional Benefits Of This Class:

- Stronger connection with the Creator of All That Is.

- Understanding and effectively working with different systems of the body, such as the digestive, endocrine, circulatory, etc.

- Self-trust when working with clients and on yourself.

- Ability to recognize and identify blocks in the body.

- Communicating and experiencing the personality of each organ.

- Clearing the body of imbalances, parasites, viruses and bacteria.

- Ability to hold the Theta brainwave state with eyes open and throughout the day.

- Introduction to different supplements that support various systems of the body.

- Increased instant manifestations.

- Forming lifelong friendships/meeting soul family.

Date: Oct 11- 29, 2021

Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm with weekends off

Location: Golden Beach, Miami (Address sent upon registration)

Cost: $2200 USD

FAST ACTION BONUS! Save $200 when you register before August 11, 2020

Payment Plan is available!

Repeat price: $1000 USD

Pre-requisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper

By the completion of the course, students will receive a nationally and internationally accepted certification by Theta Healing Institutes of Knowledge.

The course is taught by Gizella Turbok, a Master and Certificate of Science Theta Healing Instructor and Practitioner.

The seminar includes: The Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy Manual & Anatomical Chart Book

Registration can be also done by zelle or Paypal to

With any questions, and inquires please email

Gizella Turbok

Certificate of Science Theta Healer

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