The Getty Affair

Thursday  18 July  2019  4:00 PM    Friday  19 July  2019 1:00 AM
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Last update 13/07/2019

A rich man with a series of affairs, a controversial will and a stash of uncut diamonds? it was only a matter of time before he got whacked!

He’s one of the world’s richest men and he seems to have it all. But on the night of a dinner party at the Getty Estate, billionaire Samson Getty is found strangled in his study! The entire household, plus a few uninvited guests, are quickly named suspects. Why would anyone want to kill Samson Getty? Was it his philandering, his stash of uncut diamonds, his controversial will? Only one thing is for certain: secrets long-buried will be revealed, and not everyone is what, or who, they seem.

The Suspects:

The Betrayed Wife - Madge Getty is Samson Getty's wife, and the lady of the estate. Although she and her husband reside in separate bedrooms, they have just passed their 18th wedding anniversary, and threw a huge party to celebrate. Madge is a proud woman, and although her looks may be gone, her eccentricities remain. She likes to read, attend society functions, play tennis and plan lavish parties.

The Maid - Amy Hunt is the Getty Estate's maid, and is responsible for keeping the entire mansion spotless. It's a big job, but someone with her incredible experience and stellar references can handle the job! She came on staff about two months ago, and is enjoying her time in the Getty Estate. Amy is introverted and very well-mannered and takes pride in her work.

The Mistress - Felicia Gagne is an aging actress, who starred in a long-running soap opera almost 20 years ago. Since she left the show, she has had a few roles in unsuccessful television pilots, made-for-TV movies, after-school specials and commercials. She does not live in the estate and is actually suspected of being one of Samson's mistresses.

The Pool Attendant Norberto Smith is the pool attendant at the Getty Estate, and has been on staff for about six months. He doesn't live in the house, but in the pool house, where a comfortable, private quarters has been created. He keeps mostly to himself, is physically fit, and speaks with a unique foreign accent.

The Prodigal Son - Sam Getty is Samson's only son, and for years Samson has been trying to groom him to take over his company – Getty Worldwide. Sam seems to lack ambition though, and prefers to hang around the house all day in his housecoat and play video games. Sam has recently married Adriana in a lavish ceremony in the Gardens of the Getty Estate.

The Lawyer - Bartley Kennedy is Samson Getty's lawyer and trusted advisor, and has been for 30 years. Although not part of the family, his presence here tonight is not unusual. He is at the Getty Estate a few times a week talking business, shooting billiards or just having brandy and cigars with Samson.

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