The Art Of Second Skin

Saturday  4 June  2016  5:00 PM    Saturday  4 June  2016 9:00 PM
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Babalawo Satya Embassy presents,
"The Art of Second Skin"

We invite you to experience a unique event where you will encounter art, clothing, conversation, performance and multimedia arriving at the essence of dressing, and the new directions for fashion based on forms of awareness of the body.

"The Art of Second Skin" is an investigation. How can our sense of style and ways of dressing offer us more move, to dance, to change, to create and to feel comfortable being exactly as we are, day-to-day.

The Babalawo Satya Embassy is hosting

Clothing Designer, Cristina Cordeiro, from Rio de Janeiro. "The Art of Second Skin" will mark the North American launch for Cordeiro, and her sustainable made, elegant clothing designs. (available for sale and viewing at this event.)

Kaley Isabella is a wardrobe + creative Stylist, culture explorer, dancer and performance Artist from San Francisco, CA. Kaley approaches style in a global sense; offering perspectives from travel, movement and body awareness as an added element to inspire an elegant and effortless style.

Behind Babalawo Satya Embassy:

Kecya Felix Donnelly is a multi-media artist, brand ambassador of designer Cristina Cordeiro. Kecya is the creator and founder of Babalawo Satya Lab and Babalawo Satya Embassy located in San Francisco, CA.

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