Summer Zūmer Party

Sunday  21 July  2019  11:00 AM    Sunday  21 July  2019 2:00 PM
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Last update 22/07/2019

Welcome to our Summer Party!


After registering for the event, a confirmation email will be sent to you along with your ticket/s attached. Your ticket/s will have a QR code in PDF format. Please show your ticket/QR code to one of the Zūm employees at the front to check in and receive bracelets for lunch!


The address will take you to the parking lot which is facing the Open Space where the party is held.

Additional Information: Video footage and/or photos will be taken during this event, which may or may not include your recognizable image. Please be advised, by participating in this event, you agree to allow Zūm Services, Inc. to use the images in print, digital or web-based formats for promotional and archival purposes.

If you do not wish to have us use your image, please notify the event organizer or a volunteer in a green Zūm t-shirt.
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