Steampunk Industrial Show

Saturday  15 October  2016  9:00 AM    Sunday  16 October  2016 5:00 PM
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ARE YOU READY......5th Year for Renninger's Steampunk & Industrial Show...time flies when you travel....we are planning the best Steampunk Show for our Time Travelers October 15 & 16, 2016 from 9AM - 5PM Admission is FREE, Parking is FREE...over 100 vendors with fabulous finds created and specially collected for this performed by some of the best "Steampunk" musicians, Cog is Dead, Clockwork Knotwork, Sideshow Drummer, Florida Tribal Dance, Jig to a Milestone, John Babcock, all hosted by Phantasmagoria....delicious food including "High Tea"...and the 3rd Annual Splendid Teapot Race...steampunk horse & carriage rides, magic, giant kaleidoscope, Best Dressed Award, and all the special sights and sounds when Victoria and Albert collide with the Industrial Age!

For vendor pricing and info call Toni 407-947-3961

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Renningers Mount Dora Flea Market and Antique Center
20651 US-441, Mount Dora, 32757, FL, United States

John DiDonna Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 01/11/2016 13:39
THANK YOU CENTRAL FLORIDA! The trunks have been loaded onto the Gypsy Cart, the proverbial tent has come down, and Phantasmagoria VII "The Cards They Are Dealt" has finished its phantabulous run! So many wonderful thanks to give to our cast, our crew, and our incredible audiences - and all the wonderful partnerships and appearances during this season - Renningers Steampunk Industrial Days, Creative City Project, The Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery, City Arts Factory Dia de los Muertos, The Orlando Museum of Art, the Orange County Public Library, Orlando Weekly Zombie Ball, Watermark/Artegon Mall and our newest and dear partners A Petrified Forest and the Lake Mary Museum! Oh and we are not done yet 2016 and are already planning 2017 with a vengeance! "Like" our page for updates and announcements! We will leave off with some of the wonderful reviews we received this year: “As we celebrate the Halloween season with one of the best Victorian Horror Troupes in the country – They keep getting better and better every year . . .” - David Martin, Good Day Orlando “There’s a reason this series keeps going strong in its seventh year.” – Michael Freeman, FreelineMediaOrlando “All are brutal, all are creepy, and all are aimed to keep you on the edge of the chair. And that’s where you spend the evening. . . It’s elegant and mysterious. . .” – Carl Gauze, Ink19 “5 Star Performance! Loved it. Loved the acting, and the dancing, the sword fighting – just the whole thing, the aerial performances . . . It’s scary, it’s creepy, and even funny. I love seeing them every time . . . I can’t wait till the next one.” - The Riley and Kimmy Show “They are timeless. They are flawless. They are beautiful. They are Phantasmagoria! Spinning a spellbinding web of literary genius with unparalleled theatrical flair . . . Phantasmagoria breathes fresh life into ageless tales... easily their most delightfully dark offerings to date.” – They take a fiendish delight in each tales macabre humor and drama. . . Each year new stories weave their way into the tapestry, making Phantasmagoria a show that can be revisited each Halloween season. - AnalogArtistDigitalWorld

Yvette Barbosa Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 21/10/2016 03:39
Had a great time. Feel free to tag yourself, share or save your pictures.

April Lang Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 19/10/2016 01:54
Here are some of the pics I took on the 15th. Please feel free to tag/download or share.

Richard Shaw Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 19/10/2016 01:17
Had an awesome time at the Steampunk Industrial Show this past weekend - great music, A TON of craziness, and amazing artists from all over for sure!

George Gonzo Gonzalez Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/10/2016 04:08
Some pics from Sat.

Michael Gavin Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 19:04

Lissette Reina Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 17:46
I couldn't get to It. I have to wait another year. 😞
John Sprocket
-- 17/10/2016 17:46
There will be another in January :)
Lissette Reina
-- 17/10/2016 17:46
This Jan? 3 months?
Albert R Leighton
-- 17/10/2016 17:46
Yes ma'am

Dave Hickman Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 16:37
I was at the show for both days. However, I've been getting a lot of requests for something. Saturday, John Babcock was playing, and I was brought up to dance with the lovely Cimorene from Phantasmagoria. If anyone has video of my dancing to the song Penny Lane, please feel free to post the link here. I have had many friends requesting to see it! Thanks in advance!
Andi Heller
-- 17/10/2016 16:37
Here is a pic :)
Dave Hickman
-- 17/10/2016 16:37
It's a start, thank you! My lord, I eclipsed her!

Joe Rodriguez Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 03:57
First time at a Steampunk fest definitely looking forward to January.
Cyn GD
-- 17/10/2016 03:57
January??????? Thank you for sharing your was also my first was an amazing time.
Lu Synda
-- 17/10/2016 03:57
Thank you for taking photos!!

Angie Buth Brandt Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 02:36
Had an amazing time today. So many fantastic costumes. Great work Everyone.

Dorothy Smith Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 02:07
Now you have really gone and done it. What is this? Is it in or near Phoenix?

Kindle Cimmerian Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 01:49
Sharing some photos from this afternoon- Florida Tribal Bellydance Phantasmagoria The Cog is Dead and just a few random pics before heading out Thanks!

Michelle Beguerie Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 00:29

Isabelle Cosyns-Durocher Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/10/2016 00:19
Faces of steampunk fair. Awesome day!
Glenn Geary
-- 17/10/2016 00:19
I was there.

Kellie Kazebeer Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/10/2016 20:47
Had an incredible time again this year...already looking forward to January's show...met some awesome new people, and saw some old friends as well
Albert R Leighton
-- 16/10/2016 20:47

Renee Behrends Turman Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/10/2016 17:53
Had a great time again this year!
Stacey Dyess
-- 16/10/2016 17:53
I so wanted to go!!! I was working this weekend..😭

Dennis Kowal Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/10/2016 17:31
This is a bold move on your part since you will have to be engaged with people who were not even born when you were in your heyday of rock? Hope to see you in FL if all survived, which I have heard that they did, thankfully. Emmy is out of the hospital and doing well so we have to see if that continues before we go on the Indian princess camp out with the YMCA??? With me in tow since she has to have someone carrying the bags! Hope the house has sold and you are ready for the winter in OW? Have you been following the board meetings and mods in the HOA's rules and regulations? The still have included the piece about "no boats, trailers, etc, etc. on the premises" See you guys soon. Dennis and Mary
Cynthia Schell
-- 16/10/2016 17:31
I will find the thing in the rules and send it to you! A public road and you own your garage so they can stuff it! Lol!
Heidi Icenogle
-- 16/10/2016 17:31

Marco Mazz Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/10/2016 15:49
At the steampunk industrial show at Rennigers ,Lady Lorreine Berrios,and VanHelsing

Halla S Jonsdottir Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/10/2016 15:13
Definitely coming back next time, thank you for a great day at the Steampunk Industrial Show ( my finds/purchases).
Melanie Smith Schraff
-- 16/10/2016 15:13
I found out there are a few more coming up near by so we might need to plan a little road trip.

Bryan Peacock Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 16/10/2016 14:09
I had the most amazing time yesterday, I really wish I could have made it back today.
Christina Getman
-- 16/10/2016 14:09
This looks so cool I really wanna try and make it there today.
Bryan Peacock
-- 16/10/2016 14:09
I drove a hour and a half to get there, totally worth it.
Lynn Babcock
-- 16/10/2016 14:09
Says an awesome show. I drove over an hour to get there also. Definitely worth it.
Renningers Mount Dora Flea Market and Antique Center
20651 US-441, Mount Dora, 32757, FL, United States
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