STANLEY Product Training (July 15th-18th)

Monday  15 July  2019  1:00 PM    Thursday  18 July  2019 6:00 PM
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Last update 19/07/2019

Course: STANLEY Assembly Technologies Product Training

Equipment Includes: QBE Controller, Corded Tools, Cordless Tools

Course Prerequisites:    None

Maximum Class Size:     12

Course Length:  28.0 hours

Syllabus for Training:

Monday (1PM - 5PM)

TRNG-SAT01 - Fastening Theory

STANLEY Assembly Technologies Product Overview

Tuesday (8AM - 5PM)

TRNG-SAT02 - QPM Overview,

TRNG-SAT03 - QPM Controller Operation & Setup

Wednesday (8AM - 5PM)

TRNG-SAT03 - QPM Controller Operation & Setup continued

Thursday (8AM-5PM)

TRNG-SAT04 - QPM Interfaces and Networking

TRNG-SAT05 - QPM Tools Operation and Service

Specials – This is to get answers to specific application, PLC, troubleshooting, and in-depth questions.

Training Program Details:

  • Starts at 1 PM - 5 PM on Monday, 8 AM and runs to 5 PM on Tuesday-Thursday
  • Lunch will be offered Tuesday-Thursday (if there are dietary restrictions, please contact us)
  • Training classes are limited to 12 attendees
  • Registration for the training is required
  • This training is FREE for STANLEY employees AND distributors.  The price for customers is $250 PER person PER day.
  • Certificates are available for those that complete the courses if you would like one.
  • It is recommended that you bring:
    • Laptop computer
    • USB Memory Stick
    • Serial null-modem cable
    • Ethernet cable
    • If you do not have the latest QPM software, it can be loaded on your computer during the class.


Logistics: Transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals, outside of lunch, are not covered

The address for the training office is:

STANLEY Engineered Fastening

2500 Meijer Drive

Troy, MI 48084

Office: 440-229-9627

Cell: 440-485-0347

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to sign up for one of these classes, please direct your enquiry to Zech Chester (T 440 229-9627 C 440 485-0347) 

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Stanley Engineered Fastening
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Stanley Engineered Fastening
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