St Louis Multifamily Investing- Partner Up, Raise Capital & Do Deals

Thursday  7 December  2017  7:00 PM    Friday  8 December  2017 6:00 AM
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Last update 09/12/2017

Note: This is a webinar event. Click here to register and see how partners are getting deals done

Over the last 6 months, have you made any progress in acquiring multifamily deals? My partners have. They are pursuing off-market deals in major markets and building their portfolios. The key to their success is finding the right partners. They gain confidence, capital, knowledge, financial strength and get rid of fear.

I started my journey as a 23 year old and have partners. Now almost 10 years later, I've built a portfolio valued at $7.5mm. My partner has a portfolio of almost 1,400 units (thanks to partners), Ryan from Cushman & Wakefield has access to off-market deals and Robert has access to high net-worth and institutional real estate investors. 

Just like my group of partners, you can also overcome challenges of lack of capital, weak financial strength, lack of knowledge, gain access to off-market deals, remove fear of failure and inability to take that next step. 

So far we are doing a great job. Many partners are working on a 10-70 unit deals. Our relationships were leveraged to find off-market deals and help with fund raising (equity and debt). Come and hear their story and see how you can do it!

It's an ONLINE webinar on Thursday, December 7th at 9pm EST (8pm Central / 6pm Pacific)

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