Spring Holistic Expo

Sunday  3 March  2019  11:00 AM    Sunday  3 March  2019 6:00 PM
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The Spring Holistic Expo is a great way to get geared up and replenished for the new Season. Enjoy a day of spiritual connections with amazing Healers, Readers, Nutritional Coaches, and Artistic Creative Artists who create Candles, Aromatherapy, Hand made gemstone jewelry, spiritual tools and so much more. There will e insightful workshops throughout the day. Come and join us and bring a friend. 

Admission is $5.00 and only includes admission, most workshops are free, minimal fee for readings and healings.  



12:00 PM -12:30 PM

The Fountain of Youth with Loria Raiola, M. ed.

The Fountain of Youth- 30 minute workshop led by yogi, performer, psychotherapist and soccer mom- Loria Raiola-Trapp, M.ed.  Participants will walk away with simple but powerful anti-aging practices that each participant will be able to apply and use daily to turn back time!!  “ I look forward to sharing my anti-aging secrets with you!” (Loria has to stay young and vibrant because she gave birth to twin at 50 years old and has to keep up with them!)  You can be young, beautiful and vibrant at any age! Suggested love donation $5.00.

12:30 PM- 1:00 PM


At the end of 2012 the Earth was repositioned on the Galactic Plane, aligning with the center of the Galaxy and exposed to new bandwidths of frequency emanating from the Cosmos. This alignment has created a window of opportunity for humanity to raise the collective vibration, one individual at a time, to experience the dimension of Pleiadian Love and the return of Christ Consciousness. Learn how to access these energies and travel with us through the multidimensional gateways of the mind to connect with the beautiful beings here to assist us bring our planet to Light.

1:00 PM- 2:00 PM Invocation Through Movement & Dancing
Blanca Beyar, Elder Shaman  

Movement is the fundamental source of Life and of energy. In the sacred practice of Shamanism, movement is incorporated through music, chanting, the use of rattles and dancing...invocation. Join Elder Shaman Blanca Beyar (Star) as she guides you through a purifying invocation that will activate the flow of energy, awaken your senses and revitalize your Spirit! Invocations are a powerful practice for healing every aspect of the mind/body/spirit. Exchange $20 Please register early as there will be limited space http://blancabeyar.com/events

2:00-2:30 PM


Ilene Cohn Reichman, Esq., C.N.C,

Certified Coach, speaker and trainer, author, nutritionist and advanced clearing practitioner, will share simple steps to conquer mental, physical and environmental  stress and minimize its negative effects. This workshop is designed to introduce you to tools to help keep you on the planet as long as possible, in the best of health, living up to your highest potential.

2:30-3:00 PM

Recalibration of the Self, living at Soul Level in this New Energy

Susan G Chamberlain PhD, Master Intuitive Quantum Healer, Teacher and Mystic

Learn about who you are at Soul Level. How Soul Mates may redirect your entire life to build your destiny and move you away from fate.  See how the quantum field you live in is more alive than you know. See how Light and Dark play unique roles in your journey to your Divine Self. How the multidimensional bridge begins to open the Crystalline Grid to enhance your life.

You will learn to see your deeper Self, the core of who you are, as you are redirected by Spirit to go within and never look outside yourself again. The dynamics are changing in the Energetics of who you are. Let go of the old you, the old way, the old beliefs, old behaviors, old patterns. The New Earth is here, join in.

Let the ‘YOU’, GOD, Divine Source, Higher Power of your Path pull ‘YOU’ to the surface for a more Divinely abundant life and have prosperity fill all areas of your life allowing your Divinity to shine through.


3;00-3:30 PM 'Awakening To The Self'

Justin Minichelli, Self-Actualization Coach

In this special presentation we will be discussing a philosophy around the idea of what it means to truly know, understand, and come into Awareness of your Being. This is about coming to the Core, looking within to explore, discover, and realize the truest version of your Inner Self. We will be going over what it means to Awaken To The Self, the importance of the journey, and where this inner observation can take you. Awareness is the key, Awakening is the beginning. Come join in this unique presentation, Expand your Consciousness, and unlock the Secrets, Power & Magic to your True Magnificent Self.




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