Sound of Soul Event

Friday  7 December  2018  4:00 PM    Saturday  8 December  2018 1:00 AM
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Last update 09/12/2018

Your spiritual connection is personal and an individual experience with God.

Our group is focused on providing answers to your questions, spiritual exercises, and support for your personal unfoldment and connection to the Holy Spirit. This is your journey. We are here to support you with unconditional love.

Have you had a spiritual experience? Meet other people who have had experiences like you.

What happens at a Sound of Soul Event?

Welcome of Guests

Explanation of the meaning and purpose of the HU

Singing this most sacred name of God for approximately 20 minutes

After the Hu Song for 15 to 20 minutes we will openly discuss anyone's experiences and provide helpful answers to their possible meanings. Find out what these experiences can mean.

* Dreams

* Past-life recall or having a sense that you have lived before

* Out-of-body (near-death/Soul Travel)

* Seeing an inner light

* Hearing an inner sound

* Inner guide––angel, spiritual master, voice

* Knowingness––coincidence/déjà vu

* Divine love––from a family member, friend, pet, etc.

* Sense of oneness or loving presence

* Connection with all life

* Intuition--direct knowingness/coincidence

After our open discussion of helpful questions and answers, we break for 10 minutes.

(Want to hear a HU chant - Use this LINK (

Please refer to the calendar. We have FREE books and pamphlets for you to take home. There are Spanish versions also.

Please join us. If you are looking for a sign from GOD, then this may be it.

Here is site with a video that has a nice message you may enjoy.


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