The Somatics of Birth

Friday  15 March  2019  7:00 PM    Saturday  16 March  2019 6:00 PM
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Last update 17/03/2019

The energetic field of a birthing person is limitless. It is inextricably connected to everything and everyone around them including unseeable energies.
The heart of our job as birth workers, including doctors, is to better understand this ‘all one’ natural state and to learn how to nurture it’s exaltation
This is a workshop for birth professionals offering an inspired somatic framework to prevent, reduce and heal trauma in the birth process.
In this workshop participants will:
* Develop and deepen resourcing practices for the birth process - inner and outer
* Increase capacity and skills to stay regulated in the birth process
* Amplify connection to felt sense and intuitive wisdom
* Come away with a clearer understanding of your role within the birth process
Focus areas of the workshop:
1. The art of regulation: How to be a well resourced birth practitioner
2. The art of tracking: How to keep the power with the birthing person
3. The art of differentiation and self-care: How to individuate from the birthing process
Who is invited to this workshop?
New midwives, doulas, senior midwives, doctors, in hospital providers, pre/perinatal practitioners, therapists and healers working with birth issues
Workshop capacity: 12 participants
$195 early bird by Feb 21st
$225 after Feb 21st
Shiela VanDerveer is the Founder & Primary Midwife of Comadres Midwifery, a home birth, wellness and healing practice in Sonoma County. More info about Shiela here:
Sage Hayes is a somatic practitioner with Embodied Liberation. Sage has trained extensively in somatic experiencing, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, systemic constellations and anti-oppression work. More info about Sage here:
Brigids Well is a perinatal education & healing center offering services & classes for reproductive health, natural pregnancy, conscious birth and creative parenting.
Accessibility: Brigids Well has a small staircase of three steps into the classroom space

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