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Saturday  24 November  2018  10:00 AM    Saturday  24 November  2018 2:00 PM
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Last update 25/11/2018

Shop Forward Markets are a treat for the senses. Join us for local vendors, artisans and makers. All of our vendors are locally owned businesses. Unlike other markets, Shop Forward has the end goal of prepating its vendor participants ultimately for brick and mortar retail.
We do this by assisting with some of the back office operations of retail and educational offerings via Pop Forward memberships. This includes being featured on ShopForwardNow, our digital marketplace, social media promotion, product photography and education.
Examples of the products we're looking for:
Prepared/packaged food
Handmade jewelry
Personal care products
What is Pop Forward
Pop Forward is a virtual incubator for businesses with less than 10 employees, offering education with the goal of making more money with in person workshops, online trainings and webinars, email marketing support, social media marketing, book keeping product photography and data/analytics support.
An incubator is a place, especially with support staff and equipment, made available at low rent to new small businesses. Because we don't have a single location we operate from, we are virtual. A number of our workshops and classes will be offered at The Woodlawn 1200 E. 79th Street, as well as Blue Lacuna 2150 S. Canalport.
You can become a member, here
4) Feature product placement on our ecommerce website, - you handle the order fulfillment

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1200 East 79th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60619
1200 east 79th street, chicago, 60619
1200 East 79th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60619
1200 east 79th street, chicago, 60619