SFS: AP03 - Splintered Worlds

Saturday  16 February  2019  10:00 AM    Saturday  16 February  2019 11:00 PM
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StarFinder Adventure Path

Scenario :AP03

Title: Splintered Worlds

Scenario Tags:
Replayable: No
Faction: No
Starship: Yes
Vehicle: No
Scenario Type: Adventure Path
Special Note: This is 3 xp and thus an instant level.

Author: Amanda Hamon Kunz

Level 5-6 characters - This level range does not have pregenerated characters

Game Master: Bill Askins


Tracking the Cult of the Devourer, the heroes travel to the asteroid belt called the Diaspora, but they must face space pirates and other treacherous dangers of the asteroid field to find the cult's hidden command post. What the heroes learn in the Field of the Lost takes them to the dead world of Eox, where they must survive both the undead inhabitants of the planet and clandestine agents of the officially disavowed Corpse Fleet. Only then do the heroes learn that the Devourer cult is headed for a distant star system in search of clues to the location of an alien superweapon!

Priority for which players are selected for the table(s):
1) Those that have signed up for the session.
2) New players that show up, have never been to a session.
3) Walk-ins

Tables are set for 7 people and the GM takes one of those slots. If there are people on the wait list, a second table could be setup. This extra table may or may not be the same scenario.

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