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Recurring event

From 25 Apr 2019 to 25 Apr 2019
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We start with Chanting then listen to Spiritual Discourse/Wisdom Teaching given by Swami Amar Jyoti, followed by Mediation. We open the Temple at 6:30 p.m. and you can attend any part of this event. There is a bookstore & library to browse and someone will be available to greet you if you have any questions.
The major program at every ashram is Satsang, where devotees gather to imbibe Master’s transforming spiritual discourses. The words of the Master resonate within the mind and heart of the listener, awakening the inner wisdom that liberates the soul. Literally “communion with Truth” (from the Sanskrit), Satsang is the direct and awakening communication of the Satguru with each soul to realize our oneness with the Divine. In the Light and solace of His truth, we emerge purified, renewed and inspired on our spiritual journey.

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North Sweetwater Place, Jaynes, Arizona, United States of America
North Sweetwater Place, Jaynes, Arizona, United States of America