Sacred Sound Journey for Stress Relief - Gong & Bowl Meditation

Friday  7 September  2018  7:30 PM    Friday  7 September  2018 9:30 PM
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Last update 08/09/2018

Ready to do some deep cleaning for your mind & body at a Cellular level?

Join us for a Saturday of Stress Relief, at our Sacred Sound Journey Gong Meditation in North Dallas at Self Unbound!

The Sweat Shop
202 S Tyler St
Dallas, Texas, 75208
(214) 734-5457

RSVP: $30 per person

**Space IS limited**

***NOTE:: We need a minimum number of Registrations (at the above link) by 9-5-2018 to ensure the event is not postponed. ...Registration ensures your spot at the event AND allows us to notify you of any changes***

Gong meditation led by Gong Master/Teacher Barbara Cole. Please note: This is NOT a yoga class.

See how easy DEEP relaxation can be, just lay back and breathe...Releasing that which no longer serves you, experiencing bliss and moving forward feeling recharged and re-energized!

The gong is an ancient instrument and its healing vibrations have been used around the world for almost 6,000 years. Listeners can benefit in numerous ways, including stilling the mind and strengthening the nervous system to effectively deal with daily, stressful challenges. We will also utilize medicinal oils, crystal bowls, and other instruments for this sacred journey.

This is an EASY and fun event, appropriate for any age or experience level. The gong helps people to achieve a MUCH deeper state of meditation than one is normally able to experience using other methods! Perfect for those new to meditation!

No prior experience, effort or practice is required to participate, everyone welcome! The gong does not conflict with any religious beliefs, it simply quiets the mind. Simply relax comfortably and breathe deeply for a healing sound experience of the gong. Kids welcome too!

**Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Chairs are available at most events, or bring your yoga mat or blanket & pillows. Most people prefer to lay down for a gong meditation, so bring anything you like to help make yourself comfortable (blankets, pillows, etc.) while on the floor!

It is also a good idea to have a bottle of water (with a lid)!

Call or text Barbara Cole if you have trouble finding us, at 561-523-8395. Text is best within 60 minutes of event time!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More info:

The Science of Stress Relief... Using Ancient Tools to Solve Modern Problems!

Got Stress?
Trouble Sleeping?
Aches & Pains?
Low Energy?
Excessive worry?

Why not utilize scientifically proven tools, both modern and ancient, to change brain wave patterns in order to reduce stress & boost the immune system, while increasing mental clarity, productivity & happiness?

With stress being one of the leading causes of anxiety, unhappiness, and major illness such as heart disease and cancer, experts agree that reducing stress is vital to our health.

Barbara Cole is a Stress-Reduction Specialist and is intent on “Providing Professional Tools for Professional People”! For more info on ALL of our events, please visit:

Numerous scientific and medical studies support the validity of the techniques taught by Barbara Cole, and even large corporations now include them in their employee wellness programs. Companies such as Google, Amazon, IBM, PepsiCo, AT&T, Nike, HBO, Apple, & many other Fortune 500 companies use these tools and have seen results!

Barbara has personally taught these techniques at large corporations, schools, recovery centers, retreats, seminars, incarceration facilities, hospitals, and more.

Barbara utilizes ancient tools and technologies to help others with stress relief by synchronizing the right and left brain hemispheres. By stimulating the creative centers in the right side of the brain, and resulting in greater clarity and creativity. This in turn creates greater productivity, happiness, well-being, and sense of self! These tools noticeably slow the brainwaves and provide a gateway to living a life of better health and alignment.

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The Sweat Shop
South Tyler Street 202, Dallas, 75208, Texas, United States
The Sweat Shop
South Tyler Street 202, Dallas, 75208, Texas, United States
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