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Saturday  28 April  2018  4:00 PM    Saturday  28 April  2018 6:00 PM
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The love of the ocean. The moment you step on the sand, the feeling of the salty breeze on your skin, and the freedom you feel when you immerse yourself in the ocean water.  These are the memories I have as a child on the beach and these are the memories I continue to create with my children.  The gratitude for the amazing marine and plant life and for what the ocean has to offer all of us continues to grow in my heart.  

Unfortunately, our oceans and beaches have become a place for waste materials to collect.  

According to plasticoceans.org "Single-use plastics are a human addiction that we must face head on. Plastic pollution is not only impacting our waters and marine life, but also the human food chain and our overall health.  8 million tons of plastic waste enter our ocean every year." 

"americans use 500,000,000 drinking straws every year" suncoast-rap.org

Obiously, this can't change over night, but we can start opening our eyes and awakening ourselves to the education on how we can conserve the oceans and marine life. The ocean not only provides us majestic pictures and time for rest and relaxation, but nutrition and daily essentials to keep our hygeine and bodies in optimal health. 

Our passion for the health and vitality of oceans and the inspiration to motivate others to love and nurture their mind/ body connection is how " RISE TOGETHER CLEARWATER" was created. 

RISE TOGETHER CLEARWATER will provide education about how "you" can become a catalyst for change!  The Clearwater Marine Aquarium  has graciously offered to provide an educational conversation on how we can help and preserve the sea turtles and we have an abassador from the Sun Coast Rise Above Plastic to speak as well.  

You will then be taken on a joyful and inspirational journey of movement to encourage acceptence of yourself and others. We will finalize the night with music performed by Claudia Sunshine ( native american flute) and vocal by Dana Skrodzki during our earth ceremony. This ceremony is a light-hearted meditation to send love, protection, and healing energy to our world, earth, and oceans. 

Together We can Move Mountains. Together we can create a positive change.  We all hold a beautiful authentic gift.  Let's collaborate and come together to Shift the Energy of the World! It's time to RISE UP! 

75% of the proceeds will benefit local as well as global organizations who are stepping up and helping our oceans and environment everyday! 

A Huge Thank You to our Sponsors for this Event: 

Beach Fire Beach Bar and Grill @beachfirebeachbar

Belliose Realty www.belloiserealty.com 

Clearwater Marine Aquarium www.seewinter.com 

Keep Pinellas Beautiful ( Keep america beautiful Affiliate) www.keeppinellasbeautiful.org 

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