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Last update 19/06/2019

After completing the enrollment information here, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the site where you will pay the $50 per couple (workbooks included) and be able to begin RINGS Online immediately.

Many couples did not have good models for healthy relationships and end up spinning their wheels and going in circles. We provide a practical roadmap for building strong communication and conflict resolution skills. Your relationship improves in overall connection and satisfaction.

Practical, interactive, 5 module skills-based experience for couples. You'll build connection and understanding, communicate better, resolve conflicts productively. If that's what you're looking for, you're at the right place! Relevant for couples in a committed relationship seeking premarital, enrichment, renewal or stepfamily resources.

  • Flexible, convenient, private

  • Exactly same content and materials as live class

  • Interactive exercises, checkpoint, quizzes along the way

  • Video chalkboards with Powerpoint screens

  • 120 days to complete once registered

  • Requires computer/iPad/tablet with high-speed internet access

  • $50 per couple, workbooks included

Please call our office at 937.324.3604 if you have any questions or need financial assistance.

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