Revolution at Point Zero: Feminist Social Practice Exhibition

Friday  10 March  2017  5:00 PM    Friday  10 March  2017 8:00 PM
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Revolution at Point Zero: Feminist Social Practice
Curated by Neysa Page-Lieberman and Melissa Hilliard Potter

Opening Reception- Revolution at Point Zero
Featuring performances by Las Nietas de Nonó + Laura Anderson Barbata with Fem Appeal
March 10, 5-8p

Revolution at Point Zero is the first exhibition of its kind to position the feminist art movement as the progenitor of contemporary socially-engaged art. The exhibition generates conversations which reframe socially-engaged art with intersectional feminism at its core, and proposes a new feminist-centered theory for defining the field of social practice at large. The exhibition reclaims the feminist movement’s collaborative, inclusive, community-based strategies as central to contemporary social practices. Point Zero is also the springboard for a publication and traveling exhibition.

The exhibition features women-identified, North American artists whose work focuses on radical acts of the personal and political. Selected work include: Laura Anderson Barbata’s Julia Pastrana: A Homecoming, including a gender-subverting, history re-envisioning burlesque performance with Fem Appeal; Marisa Jahn’s The Careforce, with a public performance choreographed and performed by activists of the domestic labor movement; Las Nietas de Nonó’s Ilustraciones de la Mecánica, participatory theatre of untold narratives about reproductive health in Puerto Rico; Megan Young’s large-scale works on paper, used in The Longest Walk protests held in Chicago and nationwide; and a featured recent work entitled Snow Workers’ Ballet by Mierle Laderman Ukeles, one of the pioneers of the social practice movement.

Revolution at Point Zero takes its title inspiration from Silvia Federici’s formative Marxist feminist text of the same name. The curators pay thanks to the Nathan Cummings Foundation / Jane M. Saks for research funding. The multi-edition cover design for the exhibition was designed by Belgrade-based artist, TKV.

Print works featured presented by Angela Davis Fegan.
Documented works by Megan Young


MARCH 10, 5-8p
Opening Reception- Revolution at Point Zero
Featuring performances by Las Nietas de Nonó + Laura Anderson Barbata
Glass Curtain Gallery, 1104 S. Wabash Ave

Performance 1: Ilustraciones de La Mecánica by Las Nietas de Nonó
Duration: 45 minutes

Performance 2: La Extraordinaria Historia de Julia Pastrana Preview
by Laura Anderson Barbata
Duration: 30 minutes

This program is promoted as a safe space for ALL participants- viewer discretion is advised.


MARCH 12, 7pm
La Extraodinaria Historia de Julia Pastrana Burlesque Show:
Laura Anderson Barbata in collaboration with Fem Appeal
Uptown Underground, 4707 N Broadway Ave Chicago, IL 60640


Description: Mexican Indigenous mezzo soprano Julia Pastrana (b. 1834) was billed as ¨The Ugliest Woman in the World¨ by her manager-husband Theodore Lent. Lent exhibited Pastrana in traveling fairs in the United States and Europe, during her life and after her death with their infant son, both in an embalmed state. This four-act performance blends storytelling narrative, projected archive materials, critical humor, dance, music, and burlesque to introduce Julia and her story, and invites audiences to see that the systems of exploitation she suffered during her life and death, are still present today.

APRIL 11th, 12-1p
The Feminine Ideal: Creating Your Career
Glass Curtain Gallery, 1104 S. Wabash Ave

The Student Organization Columbia College Chicago Feminists invite you to a short talk for tips on how to nail an interview, build your resume, and write a killer cover letter. Building off of Revolution at Point Zero, this workshop highlights how feminists and women-identified people can build their body of work and CVs. Featuring staff from the Portfolio Center, this “tips of the trade” talk highlights ways to intersect feminist practice in your creative fields.

APRIL 15, 12-3p
Body Text- A Creative Writing Workshop
Raw Space, 1104 S Wabash ave- 2nd fl
Capacity: 15.


Is there space on the page for my body? [Body Text] focuses on the practices of inserting the body into text-based works and how that relates to aspects of feminist/womanist theories. The program will begin with a conversation about challenges faced in writing the body that will be followed by creative writing exercises and prompts investigating what it means to insert one's body onto the page.

This creative writing workshop is FREE and OPEN to the public. Facilitated by MFA Creative Writing Grad student Negesti Kaudo

This workshop is promoted as a safe space for ALL participants.

APRIL 21, 1-6pm
Feminist Social Practice Symposium and Closing Reception
Symposium, 1-4pm, Closing reception, 4-6pm
Glass Curtain Gallery and Film Row Center
1104 S Wabash Ave – 1st fl and 8th fl
To register, please click here:

Description: This half day symposium is organized in conjunction with the Open Engagement conference, and explores the themes of Revolution at Point Zero, the first exhibition to position the feminist art movement as the progenitor of contemporary social practice. The program features local and national artists, speakers, workshops, performances and finishes with the exhibition’s closing reception at Columbia's Glass Curtain Gallery. Free to the Columbia College Community and Open Engagement attendees, registration required. Participants include Point Zero exhibition artists Laura Anderson Barbata, Marisa Jahn/The Careforce, Megan Young, plus Onye Ozuzu, Kazumi Seki, Kari Sommers/Team Agora, Seeds in Service, Meg Duguid and more.

OPEN ENGAGEMENT EVENTS in relation to Revolution at Point Zero

SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd 7p- 8:30p
Keynote Presentation: Ai-jen Poo and Marisa Jahn
UIC Forum
725 W Roosevelt Rd.
(MC 126)
Chicago‚ IL 60608

Marisa Morán Jahn is an artist, activist, and founder of Studio REV-, a non-profit organization that produces public art + creative media with low-wage workers, immigrants, women, and youth. Jahn’s work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Art Forum, Univision; presented at The White House, Museum of Modern Art, worker centers, public spaces; and awarded grants from Creative Capital, Tribeca Film Institute, Sundance, NEA, Rockefeller Foundation, and Map Fund. A graduate of MIT, she teaches at MIT and The New School. Current projects: CareForce (mobile studios: the CareForce One and NannyVan), Video Slink Uganda, and Bibliobandido.

Ai-jen Poo, Executive Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Co-Founder of Caring Across Generations, is an award-winning social innovator, thought leader and author. Her early organizing led the way to the passage of the nation’s first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, the 2010 historic legislation that extends basic labor protections to over 200,000 domestic workers in New York state. In 2011, she co-created the national Caring Across Generations campaign to ensure access to affordable care for the nation’s aging population and access to quality jobs for the caregiving workforce. Ms. Poo’s numerous accolades include a 2014 MacArthur Foundation “genius” fellow and one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2012. She is author of The Age of Dignity: Preparing for the Elder Boom in a Changing America.

APRIL 22nd- 23rd
Longest Walk: Public installation near UIC campus:

SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd at 11:45am
(Walking Bridge from S Peoria St. toward W Harrison)
After the I Can't Breathe Event at 400 Gallery

SUNDAY. APRIL 23rd at 3:30pm
(Walking Bridge from S Peoria St. toward W Harrison)
Before the Jumpsuit Project at 400 Gallery

LONGEST WALK is an installation of female identifying bodies in public spaces originally created in protest to the dehumanizing policies of the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, Ohio. Conceived and directed by Megan Young, the original includes collaborative development with participants and poster design/hand printing by contributing artist, Angela Davis Fegan. It transforms the systemic boundaries and restrictions of the politically charged RNC event, even from within a climate of exclusion and deep ideological divides.

Special Thanks to UIC School of Theatre & Music, Rachelle Tsachor for Project Support.

For more information:
Mark Porter,

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Glass Curtain Gallery
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