Reiki 1 Training Certification Class Las Vegas Sat. Sept 10, 2016 $150

Saturday  10 September  2016  6:40 AM
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Anne Penman Reiki Las Vegas
Reiki Master Healing / Treatment / Teaching / Training and Certification Classes.

Our Next Reiki 1 Training Class in Las Vegas will be Sat. Sept 10, 2016 10am-4pm $150 at Anne Penman Reiki Center. 
Please call 702-682-8135 to be on the list.  

Note: Eileen is the Reiki Master Teacher for many of the Professional Reiki Practitioners here in Las Vegas.

Class Certification includes:
Reiki 1 Manual, the history of Reiki, Attunement for each student, , how to Balance Chakras with stones, Sage Smudge, Meditation, hand positions and hands – on sharing of Reiki energy, how to use a pendulum, introduction to Singing Bowls,  how to Sage Smuge, Byosen Scanning, self treatment and hand placement in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki method (the Dr. Usui method of natural healing). We will also have a “Goodie Bag” with some special Reiki gifts for you to get you started on your Reiki Journey. Lots of one on one time with Reiki Master Eileen and your Reiki 1 Certificate and much more.  Prepare yourself for a wonderful day!

(There are no hidden cost and we will not try and sell you anything!)  "We will enjoy lots of energy sharing and a healthy lunch (we provide) as you embark on your Reiki journey"  Our Reiki classes are thorough and complete to ensure every student has a understanding of giving, receiving and practicing Reiki.

Please visit our main website here for more information. Anne Penman Reiki Las Vegas Open 7 days a week 702-682-8135.

Reiki sessions are non-invasive and painless.  Clients remain fully clothed while receiving this wonderful stress reduction treatment. 

A few of the many benefits of Reiki:   Promote Natural Healing /  Can create deep relaxation / Releases Stress and tension / Promote Spiritual growth/ Helps the body to self-heal  / Promotes restful sleep / Enhance Meditation / Alleviate pain / May lower blood pressure /Reiki for Migraine Headaches / Eliminate anger and fear /  Release physical and emotional pain / May help reduce side effects from radiation and chemotherapy treatment / reiki and pregnant women /  May assist the client with life issues / May help post surgical recovery.

In Las Vegas since 2005

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Anne Penman Reiki Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Anne Penman Reiki Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States