Red Tent Priestess Activation

Friday  23 June  2017  5:00 PM    Sunday  25 June  2017 5:00 PM
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Last update 26/06/2017

Sisters, you are invited to a Red Tent Retreat at the Goddess Temple of Ashland Sanctuary! This weekend immersion will give you the skills, knowledge, & understanding to facilitate your own Sister Circle.

This Priestess Activation is both a training in the Women’s Mysteries, as well as an opportunity for sacred self-care & deep elemental connection. We will gather under the Dark Moon to delve into the Women’s Mysteries & join in sisterhood to honor our sacred cycles. This safe space invites you to explore, honor, & nurture the Goddess within & without.

If you intend to start your own Red Tent Circle, would like to deepen your current Sister Circle, or you are ready to reactivate your Priestess Path, this immersion is for you!! All female identifying humans are welcome. Come meet your tribe of Goddess Wombmyn!!!

Sister, take my hand & let’s create a sacred circle!!!

How we’ll share our time together…
~Red Tent Priestess Initiations
~Ritual Re-Birthing in the Mikvah (Ritual Immersion Pool)
~Transmissions & Teachings from Priestesses of the Goddess Temple
~Tea & Cacao Ceremony
~Elemental Anointings & Honorings
~Heart-Opening & Womb-Healing Explorations
~Song Circles, Sacred Sharing, & Sister Support

This Immersion will:
~Empower you to live in-line with your Sacred Womanness
~Cultivate your connection to your Holy Womb Center & Blessed Moon Blood
~Pass down to you the Wombmyn’s Mysteries
~Connect you with like-minded sisters
~Offer support for starting your own sister circle & moontime rituals
~Gift you the opportunity of connecting with the Goddess of the landscape

Dates & Times:
Friday June 23, 5-9 PM: New Moon Sister Circle *open to the public*
Saturday June 24, 12-8 PM: Private Retreat
Sunday June 25, 12-5 PM: Private Retreat

Love Offering: $111, *lodging not included*
For registration contact Laura: (412) 848-7614,
Some trading may be available, please connect with me to discuss further.

*2* scholarships are available for this event! Please reach out to me & share why you want to attend! Scholarship recipients will be chosen by May 23rd.

Items to bring:
Potluck items to share throughout the weekend
Journal & pen
Towel & change of clothes
Altar items
Decks & items of divination
Red blankets, tapestries, & pillows
An open heart & mind

We are all co-creators of this collaborative sister circle! Please feel free to bring anything that you would like to offer to the ceremony!

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Goddess Temple of Ashland
Rogue Valley Highway 99 North 2253, Ashland, 97520, Oregon, United States
Goddess Temple of Ashland
Rogue Valley Highway 99 North 2253, Ashland, 97520, Oregon, United States