SOLD OUT- The Sacred: Just Breathe ~ Inner Alchemy Retreat.

Friday  10 May  2019  4:00 PM    Sunday  12 May  2019 0:00 AM
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Reclaiming the Sacred is a Divine Retreat that allows you a space to breathe and transforms your inner alchemy through the experiences of Sound, Breath, Energy Medicine Techniques, Kundalini Yoga, Vocal Toning and much more.
Save the date. May 10th-12th
This retreat includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For all those interested in staying on property we have wonderful rates for double, single and some triple occupancy.
This is a combination retreat that includes cultural healing processes in addition to Energy Medicine, Sacred Sound & Breath.
Are you ready to Renew your Mind and Release the responsibility of the everyday mundane?
Ready to have all meals prepared for you and no dishes to wash?
The meals are consistent of Vegetarian & Animal based protein as additional options, ( no red meats) all meals all certified organic ingredients.
Ready to Grow Spiritually - Heal Physically - and get a fresh recharge to the spirit, body and mind?
We have joyfully partnered with the One & Only Oakland Manor House in Historic Downtown Oakland for this Enlightening weekend of Inner Alchemy: Reclaiming The Sacred Soul has never been more exciting.
Here is what you’ll get during your Vibrational weekend getaway:
Daily Meditation Practice
Daily Kundalini Yoga
Master Courses In Breath Work.
Vibrational Elevation ( many forms) to raise your mind thoughts emotions to a higher frequency.
Vocal Toning Classes ~ creates to open your sacred centers known as chakras.
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
Energy Medicine Routines & Spiritual Maintence Techniques to strengthen your immune system, calm the nervous system, create a healthy body, healthy boundaries, and Awaken your inner-spirit.
A Release it Gathering ~ A Native Drum Ceremony~ Here we let go of what was and claim what will be. A Pathway Created For Emotional Freedom.
Earthing Meditations - Finding solitude in the silence. Sacred Introspection & time to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful grounds... just breathe.
Do you desire triune balance? This is your door to enlightenment. Open your mind, heal your body, and strengthen your spirit all in one sacred weekend where you will acsess new paths to connect to the within.
You may reserve your room at a special price at this enchanted bed and breakfast for the ultimate experience. This will give you absolute freedom to fully immerse yourself in the journey of mind body spirit healing during the retreat process.
Here is how you can reserve your room & the Sacred Alchemy Retreat. Be sure to sign up for BOTH:
1. To pay for and reserve your room contact the Oakland Manor House (407) 614-8219. Reference ~ The Sacred Alchemy Retreat.
2. To sign up for the Sacred Alchemy Retreat. Click on the ticket information below.
Your investment is $333 for the retreat program and all meals.
If you choose not to stay at the Oakland Manor House:
1. Click on the ticket information below for the one day Retreat Pass Package Price. This is 1day entrance on May 11th (Saturday) including (brunch), and day retreat cost.
Space is limited for 1day passes.
We have 5 tickets left.
For All Up & Coming Sacred Alchemist ~ Your Alchemy Retreat is waiting for you. The total personal investment cost of $333
Here is the schedule:
May 10th 5pm- 9pm
May 11th 9am- 8pm
May 12th 8am-11am
Divine Energy Sponsors Door 2 Spirit Retreats
Created Authentically by Stormy Lake.
We specialize in the Sacred, Divine Feminine, Spirit Medicine, Prophetic Sound Healing & Energy Medicine Mastery.
Contact Direct for questions.
All are welcome to attend.
Total Cost ~ $333.00 Weekend Retreat package Program & all meals. Room rates are available for single or double occupancy and some triple. Be sure to reserve directly to contact details provided.
Sharing a room with a friend is a great idea to save on the price. This is a very affordable idea and allows one to enjoy the the full experience without distraction.

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