Presentation- Importance of Feet in Children with DS

Thursday  25 May  2017  6:00 PM    Thursday  25 May  2017 8:00 PM
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Please join Dr. Louis J. DeCaro, DPM for a presentation on the importance of Feet in Children with Down Syndrome at Whole Children in Hadley, MA at 6pm. Dr. DeCaro is the President of the American College of Foot & Ankle Pediatrics and is in private practice specializing in pediatrics.
Children with Down syndrome experience delays in reaching motor milestones due to hypermobility, low muscle tone, and poor skeletal alignment. Flat feet are common in DS leading to many quality of life issues and resultant dysfunction or deformity with aging, which can be easily treated or prevented through early orthotic management. The goal is to facilitate a lifelong normalcy of activity.
The Goal of Dr. DeCaro’s presentation will be to help parents understand the role foot mechanics can play in a child’s development. Why to consider proactively treating the feet early in life to avoid physical breakdown later in life. Understanding the importance of orthotic therapy in order to improve quality of life and prevent future deformities and dysfunction.
Dr. DeCaro can be reached directly at or for more information about himself and his office please visit his website at

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