Precarity Youth Workshop: Day Two

Saturday  9 July  2016  11:00 AM    Saturday  9 July  2016 4:00 PM
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11:00am–1:00pm: Biz Swagg as Economic Self Defense for Teens
Led by LaKeisha Hamilton, founder of Youth at the CrossRoads.

Schools are strapped, parents are tapped—who’s going to show you how to put your panty hose on so you can get a job that serves you what you deserve? This is a workshop taught by Our Lady of practicality, honesty, and humor: Ms. Keisha Hamilton. Certified Corporate Swagg Coach and teenager-whisperer, she and her team will help teens see their true potential, which is much larger than a job—but she will also help you prepare to get a job. Resumes, business cards, posture, handshakes, and putting your wardrobe together to get a job that will help you survive—that’s our goal! We want you to ‘make it’ financially so you can go out and do what you really want to do! Art! Politics! Right?! Teens should come dressed representing your career choice—like you are going to a job interview for what you want to be doing in a few years! Also bring your resume if you have one. No one will be turned away if you don’t have this stuff.

1:00–2:00pm: Lunch and Undercommons Game with Max Haiven
Pizza will be provided by Gallery 400

2:00–4:00pm: TIFs for Teens (AKA Chicago is Not Broke!): Political Research and Activism for Teens
Led by Tom Tresser

Where is the money?! Most news tells us that the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois is ‘broke’. This city isn’t poor, but the money is hidden from the public—meaning that public education as well as many other vital public services are suffering. In this highly interactive workshop Tom will work with teens to develop an understanding of how money flows through the city, and where it goes when it’s diverted away from schools or public services, including special secret pots of gold called “TIFs”. Then we will work together to visualize how these special pots of secret sauce impact your public education in Chicago and what you can do about it.

The TIF Illumination Project ( has been investigating and exposing TIFs for the past three years. They have done presentations at 47 public meetings (called Illuminations) all over Chicagoland and have reached some 4,700 people. The lead organizer is Tom Tresser (, civic educator and public defender.

These workshops are organized by the Feminist Economics Department (the FED) as part of Mystery Hands, a project developed for kids to understand the issues of Precarity: the exhibition and the idea.

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