Physician Heal Yourself

Saturday  30 March  2019  11:00 AM    Saturday  30 March  2019 4:00 PM
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Last update 31/03/2019

Dear Fellow Doctors,
*We are committing suicide at alarming rates
*We are being squeezed to a pulp by medical bureaucracy that cares nothing for patients
*We get vilified for things that we have no control over eg: insurance pricing, co-pays, opioid crisis, patient satisfaction
*We get pulled from pillar to post with no time for ourselves, our loved ones and our health
Is this what you bargained for??
Physicians, it is time to heal ourselves! Join me on this journey, because saving the lives of others should NOT cost you your own!
For less than the price of a massage, come out and enjoy:
1. Amazing seminar content by doctors for doctors in a calm and serene environment. Learn what your options are for total life harmony and financial wealth.
2. My latest book: Physician Heal Yourself (FREE for all attendees)
3. Free gifts
5. Intercontinental buffet lunch
6. Serenity Walk through the finest botanical gardens!
7. Live music by Adaorah!

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