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As you may know on April 21 2018, Paisley Park will be hosting a memorabilia fence for the 2018 Celebration. With your help, we would love 2 be able 2 put up a poster, in memory of Prince. With a $10 or more contribution, we will add your name 2 the banner as a THANK YOU for making this happen. The larger the donation, the first on the list you will be.
Please make sure your donation is public, if you want your name 2 be on the poster.

The fence that we will be hanging this on will be inside the Target Centre. The ticket for entrance will be pricey, due 2 the fact various performers that are going 2 attend. That event is called Prince: Live On The Big Screen concert event at Target Center on April 21, 2018, if you’d like more information.

A giveaway will be held with any of the extra procedes.

Giveaway rules: MUST BE FOLLOWING @princesparade & @paradeolife on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK. MUST DONATE $1.00+ 2 this event. The presents will be personally bought from Paisley Park and mailed 2 you, with a handwritten note as a THANK YOU.

During this time, I would love 2 be able 2 make a mini vlog of this event. The vlog will also include “many Prince’s places”; including First Avenue (now, if possible), Purple Rain House, Prince’s favorite record store, + many more. This will all be possible, if you DONATE.

If you would like me 2 hang up a printable item of yours onto the fence, you’d need to contribute a donation of $5+. Please provide your photos measurements (no exceeding more than 12x12) You’d need 2 send the photo you’d like me 2 print out 2 my email at (msg me 4 email)

DEADLINE: April 16, 2018

Personal note: “How would I benefit from the donations” For myself, I’ve always wanted 2 interact with the Prince community, but never really had the funds 2 be able 2 do it. This will also help me write of a goal in videography. I’ve always wanted 2 be able 2 vlog something other people would be interested in. Vlogging “Prince’s places” would make a great deal 2 people who aren’t able 2 attend, or go 2 these places (especially since I’m only a 5hr away drive) it would be a easier access for me 2 create a video (rather than) someone in Germany who can’t afford the funds 2 come 2 Minnesota.

Thank you for taking the time and effort 2 read this event’s description. I hope you can be apart of this adventure.

GOFUNDME takes out a 20% profit.
All donations must be in by: April 16, 2018 (or else we will have to forfit)

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Paisley Park
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Paisley Park
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