Zenfinite Meditaiton Lounge is our creation to share our experiences about meditation. We have enjoyed this journey - it has benefited our emotional well-being and enriched our lives. We realized there may be uncertainty and challenge surrounding meditation to some. In meditation, what we see a need for is education, a clear & simple understanding towards a stronger foundation for people to grow from. It comes down to the basic concept of being mindful of the present and enjoying it. We decided to create a modern and zenful space to make meditation approachable to everyone.
Zenfinite Meditation Lounge believes in:

Modernizing Meditation – It is for everyone and can be approached in a graceful way, it is based on science regardless of religion and tradition.
Efficiency - Meditation is very much an individual journey, but the path is easier with the assistance of guided and group meditation.
​Empower – Understanding of the mind enables self-sensing and stimulates creativity, leading to an elevated and fulfilled life.
Balanced – Meditation is complementary to fitness and exercise. One trains the body, the other trains the brain.
Zen – A place for people to be:  Open-Minded, Authentic, Inspired, Soul-search, to Infinitely develop & share.  

We are located in Brea, California
near the new Whole Foods Market on Imperial Hwy and Valencia Ave.
At the corner of La Plaza Dr. and La Crescenta Dr.