Winthrop Harbor Pageant
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Winthrop Harbor Pageant

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Welcome to our Winthrop Harbor Queen Page! This is where updates on certain events, activities and questions are solved! Enjoy :) Miss Winthrop Harbor 2017 Hello everyone and welcome to the Winthrop Harbor Pageant Page! My name is Rhiannon Paige Joy Graham and I am Miss Winthrop Harbor 2017! I am honored to say I am the first ever in our village to hold all four titles in Winthrop Harbor! Previously, I was crowned Jr. Miss Winthrop Harbor 2014 Little Miss Winthrop Harbor 2010 and Tiny Miss Winthrop Harbor 2005. I am so excited to represent my village once again this year. I am 16 years old and will be a Junior at Zion Benton High School. At my school I am a cheerleader, a member of key club, reading buddies, and also on the Homecoming Committee! My platform is GIVE ( get involved volunteer everywhere ) I have been active with this platform since I was 11 years old! I have a pledge sheet called "the pledge to give" I also have buttons call "GIVE buttons." When people sign my pledge sheet they are pledging to give back more and after they sign it they receive a GIVE button. A few of the organizations I will be helping this year are Toys for R Tots in Winthrop Harbor, Save a Pet, North Point Food Pantry, Readings with the queens at the Zion Benton public library, helping the veterans, and so much more! I am so excited to see what happens this year and I hope to get many more people to GIVE! Remember its better to GIVE then to receive! I'd also like to introduce my sister queens! Jr. Miss Winthrop Harbor 2017 Moira Cook (Little Miss 2015 and Tiny Miss 2012) Little Miss Winthrop Harbor 2017 Skylar Burdick (Tiny Miss 2015) and Tiny Miss Winthrop Harbor 2017 Roison Cook

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