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It's all about the Music! Bands, Events, Sound & Equipment, Venue Booking, Promotion....WAH Music is in to it! Collaborating across SouthCentral to grow Live Music Culture! Long time music lovers and casual jammers Dale Funk and David Todd both retired from long industry careers late 2015/early 2016. After receiving their respective "Watch and Handshake" from the big companies, they decided to take the music a little further and become "amateur professionals." Dale & David made the leap to playing in public early in 2016 at Open Mics at the Sitzmark and Silvertip in Girdwood and then started playing full gigs in May 2016. Since then bassist Marty Severin (Jack River Kings, Meg Mackey Band, Rock Candy), vocalist Sue Todd, and percussionist Judd Wattenbarger (The Flipside) have joined the fray as well as many guests from across the musical spectrum, which has manifested in more musical projects across the network, including The Sofa Kingz, Running With Scissors, and Tumblin' & Stumblin! Thanks to all of our close friend-fans (is that a word?) who keep showing up at our gigs and making the parties happen!

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