Vanport Mosaic is a community-driven non-profit that amplifies, honors and preserves the silenced histories of the Pacific Northwest in order to better understand our present.
How was life in Vanport, Oregon? Depending on who tells the story, the new town built to accommodate migrant workers was either an experiment in racial integration or “a nasty, segregated ghetto”. Vanport, the State’s second largest city and the largest WWII federal public housing project in the United States became home to 40,000 people from 1942 to 1948. When the Columbia River flooded on May 1948, in a single day Vanport was erased from the map and from much of Portland’s memory.

Vanport Mosaic invites you to join in a collective effort to capture the memories of those who lived there and explore the enduring impact of this chapter in Oregon’s history.

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