Happy Hour: 4-9pm DAILY!
The first record of cocktails being served at 3936 30th Street was the opening night of Club Belvedere, in 1948. Just a few years later, The 1956 San Diego edition of Polk’s Business Directory in shows the location as The Office. Fast-forward to 1983, George Scolari bought & personalized his new bar, calling it Scolari’s Office. Scolari's Office became a popular neighborhood bar and later a famous/infamous punk rock venue known all across the United States.

For the record, it was in June of 2008 that the major renovation was completed & Scolari’s Office became The Office once again.

The physical & cultural landscape of the 9-5 'daily grind' or 'rat race' has changed in just the last decade. With smart phones, laptop computers & WiFi- we’ve adopted ways to be productive anywhere, anytime. The typical office as portrayed in movies & television is not-so-typical anymore...thinking outside the cubicle is to be expected (The Office has free WiFi & places to power up).

We can all agree that we've imagined this scene: kicking our feet up in the boss's office, sitting in a leather throne behind a walnut desk, cocktail in hand (cue AMC's hit show Mad Men). The concept behind The Office Bar combines the comfort and personality of a classic cocktail lounge with the a twist: you're the boss!

Come for Happy Hour: 2 for 1 Prices on ALL DRINKS from 4-7pm, with $5 Signature Cocktails until 9pm.

Feel free to order in from one of several neighborhood restaurants; we'll have it delivered to you at your barstool or booth.

The Office is available for Birthday Parties, Special Events, Benefits, Mixers, etc and shows Chargers, Lakers, NFL, NBA & MLB games in HD.
Nightly entertainment starts at 9pm with Djs and live music. Please click on the 'Events' link for more information about a specific date.

*It's a business doing pleasure with you.