The Honey Hive Gallery, is a “hive” for the community. It houses arts and community events almost every day.
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The Honey Hive’s mission is to create strong ecological and social justice, through art, workshops, and through working with local poets and musicians. The gallery’s language is sustainable art. Art will unite the gallery and its community and create a strong relationship. Together, through art, the gallery and its neighborhood, can reinforce and create positive change. Fine art will give the gallery a base for its workshops. The gallery will host events, meetings, and classes that will help the community. The gallery will strive to create a sustainable community. The gallery believes that mutual benefits can be gained from work between anyone and anything among the community. The gallery will help emerging local artists gain exposure. The gallery believes that both galleries and artists can work together to succeed in the art world. The Honey Hive wants to encourage people to both give and receive from the hive.