Stay Recruited, Inc

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Stay recruited  is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young student by working together to educate all in the areas of financial and educational literacy, networking, self-branding and entrepreneurship. It is our mission to promote and facilitate educational literacy, youth development and any other activities that positively contribute to furthering the two. Our belief is with the right guidance and mentoring, young athletes can gain the knowledge to become effective on and off the field. Led by a seasoned team of former division 1 and Professional athletes, business owners, marketing and sales professionals who bring a combined 50 years of experience to the table, Stay Recruited is looking to positivity affect at risk youth in our community. Stay Recruited currently operates in Texas and Kentucky. Stay recruited is a partnership between our team , school coaches, school teachers, the student, and their parents. Monthly sessions include self-esteem builders, team building, literacy and self awareness. Students are led in activities by professionals with a passion and desire to change lives. PFS utilizes sports to engage the core of young men and women while influencing them with positive energy and literacy based activities. Below you will find a list of current athletic counselors. These men not only mentor young men and women from elementary to high school , they were once in our program. Our grassroots approach effectively allows us to reach out and provide high school students and parents with tools and insight to assist students in finding their ideal fit in a college or university. A Game plan is something that every team begins with. Our game plan begins with a strong team of professionals who are eager to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation

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