Spirit United is an adventurous spiritual community of dreamers and doers.
Spirit United is an adventurous spiritual community of dreamers and doers.

We are Spirit United, a welcoming and adventurous Spiritual Community of mindful, loving individuals. We are dreamers and doers, practical visionaries. We are full hearted participants birthing the New Story of Oneness with all Creation. We are compassionate co-creators with the Cosmos. Because our living creates, we use conscious and mindful words and responsible actions to bring social and environmental balance and healing to our world. Our gatherings are adventures for you to awaken more fully into who you are, to open your heart and to connect to the Oneness of All. We say YES to Life!

Awaken your intuition

Open your heart

Spark your imagination

Ignite your creativity

Engage your intellect

Inspire your service

Dance with the cosmos!

Come join us. Say YES to Life!

About Us

Spirit United is a community of whole-hearted, spiritually alive, mindful people birthing the New Story of Oneness with all Creation.A place where you can focus on personal, environmental, societal, global and cosmic evolution and awaken more fully into who you are. It is where you can be fully present while in community.Together, we strengthen our connectedness to The One.This connection integrates spirit and matter. It is knowing all creation is sacred in every moment of every day. Together at Spirit United we actively co-create sacred moments with ourselves, each other, the Universe and the Divine.Our eclectic group chooses diversity – in our spiritual teachings, experiences and community. We honor each person’s journey and freedom of belief. We engage in adventure’s designed to inspire spiritual unfolding. We embrace diverse sacred traditions. We honor the great teachers of our past, present and future. We celebrate the Earth and her cycles. We honor the balance of our sacred masculine and feminine energies. We focus on the Inner Quest. We use practical spiritual principles and practices to transform our lives and the world. We say YES to life!

Our Vision
Spirit United sees a New Story of Oneness for all of Creation. We see every being as co-creator with the Divine, bringing harmony and peace to the earth – all people, animals, plants, and Earth herself, the Universe and the Cosmos.

Our Mission
Our Spirit United is a community and center where people gather to unfold spiritually, to awaken more fully as whole beings connecting to the Oneness of the Divine and all of creation. We offer and support events, gatherings, and celebrations for individuals to adventure in self-discovery and leadership. We integrate universal and ancient spiritual practices and traditions for healing and transforming our souls. We practice being whole within a supportive and caring community as we merge the past, present and future into today’s world.

We welcome those who feel drawn to join us for Sunday celebrations and inspiration, spiritual adventures, spiritual practices, education and healing events to come be with us. We are living the New Story where spiritual consciousness is happening to shift the entire planet and cosmos. We say YES to life!

Everyone has a vital role in our community, in the world. Spirit United is a community of people that focuses on our connectedness as well as our perfection in our imperfection. We honor personal transformation. And we recognize each one of us, each individual, has a significant purpose here on earth and in our community. Therefore, we engage in a shared leadership model as our community structure. People volunteer their energy and time to ensure Spirit United is a high quality spiritual center. We have groups organizing and implementing systems for scheduling our speakers, special events, classes, collaborations and more. Because of the countless hours of volunteer time and energy, Spirit United thrives. We do have folks who regularly have leadership roles to keep Spirit United going. They are visible to the community at large, but mostly do things behind the scenes.

Our History
Spirit United has a unique history. On January 22, 1999 at 1:00pm, a Seed Community, Spirit United, began with the leadership of Rev. Jan Skogstrom. She and a small group of people were looking for a supportive spiritual community not locked into the dogma of organized religion. They sought a curious open-hearted, loving community who encouraged questioning, active exploration and individual adventuring. They did not find what they wanted, so they began their own. Soon they realized they were a seed community meant to join the movement of shifting what spiritual growth and development looked like and shifting what spiritual community -church looked like. The seed community’s roots grew when the group began meeting in Jan’s home. The first gathering included an Ojibwe prayer and a World Peace prayer. They honored all the loving spiritual belief systems of humanity. The seed’s roots took hold and the group grew filling a void in people’s lives. Six months later they moved the meetings into the Dharma Zen Center and had their first public gathering. The seed shot a shoot out of the ground and the first newsletter was published. It shared astrological and Zen information in addition to the scheduled gatherings. The essence of the seed began to grow above the ground and was seen by others. The essence of this community nourished many. The nutrients of this community come from many places. One is Sancta Sophia. It was a seminary where folks learned about faith, religions, Ancient Wisdom and Mystery Teachings of the Ages, personal spiritual transformation and more. It was a place where the Divine Feminine emerged, singing a powerful voice taking her place in partnership with the Divine Masculine in an overt way. The Truths shown so brightly, leaves began to open with strong commitment. The sprout grew. Three months later the Charter Membership celebration where men and women committed to building and supporting this Spirit United Interfaith Church happened. Kids With Spirit, the children’s programming, was launched. A strong musical presence was supported with the first music director, Steven Schmidt. He asked his colleagues, professional musicians like Catherine Wilson, Nancy Cox, Gregg Marquardt, Larry David and more, to become part of our community. The buds now began to bloom as the energy of the unifying principles from all faith traditions and paths demonstrating love, compassion and unity moved. This group focused on supporting psycho-spiritual development of individuals to create personal and global transformation. The stream of skills and teachings coming from esoteric and mystical Christianity, the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Eastern and Indigenous traditions strengthened Spirit United and it continued to grow. In 2001 Spirit United’s staff increased. The Council of Stewards was launched. And the community moved again settling into the Robinsdale Community Center. Spirit United Interfaith Church gained non-profit status, the first website was created, Kids With Spirit’s first curriculum was written. This was the time when our now minister Rev. Ron Moor was invited to join the Spirit United staff. During this time of our journey, many buds bloomed into amazing flowers. In 2004, a Capital Campaign gathered enough resources to move again. The community moved to Como Avenue in Minneapolis. Here Spirit United continued to align with the roots of Spirit United to bloom beauty. We strengthened our core once again while allowing the energy of change to flow. In 2005, Jan Skogstom retired allowing Rev. Carolyn Cahill to share her vision and beauty with us. Carolyn brought nutrients to Spirit United giving rich opportunities for personal spiritual transformation and community growth and development. In 2009 when Carolyn left to move into the next phase of her journey, Rev. Ron Moor became the minister. Ron continues to nourish Spirit United amidst the energy of change and transformation for individuals, communities, countries, the world and beyond. The blossoms, flowers and leaves of our community continues to bring beauty to the world. Today Spirit United embraces our part as seed community within the growing global community anchoring the vision of harmony, of peace, love and justice for all. We continue to integrate the time-honored traditions from the unifying principles of spiritual practices and faiths, the essence from which Spirit United is founded in balance with the reality of living in today’s world.Spirit United has a history of acceptance, supportive love, and adventurous exploration. Spirit United is a group of individuals mindful of spiritual growth, pla

Where: We will gather in the lower level of the building.
The official name and address is:
Lexington Kids
701 Lexington Parkway N
St. Paul, MN 55104
It is at the intersection of Lexington & Van Buren Avenue, seven blocks north of University.

Parking: Park in the lot or on the street.

Where to Go: Enter large front doors. Look to the left. Go down the stairs to the lower left. If for any reason you need assistance down the stairs, please ask. We are a community eager and willing to assist.

Vital to Know: We do not have an office at this location. Therefore, no one with knowledge of Spirit United is here during times when SU has nothing scheduled.

DO NOT COME UNANNOUNCED. This is a child care setting. They cannot have strangers on their site. Anyone from Spirit United must be a part of an event scheduled and prearranged for arrival.

Office Hours: Office hours are by phone or email only for now. Joan is doing business from her home by email. Ron is also doing business from his home and will be taking phone calls.

Call 612.378.3602 or email to connect with us.