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Skewed Visions

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Skewed Visions
4644 1st Ave S, Minneapolis, 55419, MN, United States

See things a little differently. As a mode of thinking, our devised work (which includes performance, installation, and new media, as well as research, development, archiving, writing, conversation, and education) explores fundamental questions about the systems we inhabit. It is our goal to open up the possibilities for a wide-ranging and continually changing exploration of what questions and systems are at the current moment. As we know from our site-based work, what is fundamental changes depending on timing, context, environment, subjects, perspectives, approach, etc. Our core principles, developed over the past 15 years include a dedication to materiality (of the object – of whatever type), the importance of site (environments, contexts, and space), and the immediacy of the encounter (presence, audience, and experience). These principles are the skeleton on which our thinking lives. See things a little differently.

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