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Save Point
304 Market Street Lower Level, Lemoyne, 17043, PA, United States

We strive day in and day out to help gamers like yourself create fun and exciting memories with friends through gaming. Weekly Events: Monday - 7PM - Fight Night!!!! Tuesday - 6PM - MTG Casual/EDH Wednesday - 7PM - Draft Night Thursday - 6PM - Board Game Night Friday - 7PM - Friday Night Magic Saturday - All Day Board Gaming Sunday - All Day Pokemon League Games are many things to many people. We at Save Point focus on a few key aspects; fun, excitement and good times with friends. We want to help you create memorable stories of from behind Magic wins, epic DnD campaigns, and horribly funny Cards Against Humanity nights, and many more! Join us at Save Point to pick up all things you and your friends need to begin creating awesome gaming memories together!

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