We are a supportive community of physically active SOBER individuals brought together by the pursuit of fitness on our journey of recovery from addiction.
Imagine walking through a life of despair, confusion and pain in the grips of addiction. Imagine running out of options, running out of hope, having no one to turn to, nowhere to go. Imagine a place committed to recovery and with a focus on exploring all the beauty life has to offer.

ROCovery Fitness' vision is to create a safe place among peers who have trudged this road of loss and have found a better way. To create a facility where those on the journey of recovery are welcome regardless of their past or present experiences. Imagine finding peace, support, and the gift of sober living. Imagine ROCovery Fitness.

Our vision is to aide and provide opportunities for those in recovery to both reach their goals and surpass their expectations. To foster an environment where individuals do not have to watch people running past them, wondering what it would mean to be a part of mainstream life, rather they can live a life within the mainstream of running, cycling, climbing, being and living freely in society.