Musical group

One of the Northwest's foremost feminist bands...And certainly one of the funniest.

Quotes that give a sense of the band:

…”You are great musicians and the songs are outstanding. Not only are the lyrics witty and pointed (and very funny!) but the melodies are exactly appropriate. Then, layered on top of it all, are your playing and singing abilities. Just out of this world. I was amazed and delighted at the harmonies and the way you executed each piece. What a treat. Thank you for performing!”

Eric Chiappinelli, Associate Dean
Seattle University, School of Law

“I had to write and tell you that I can’t stop listening to your Greatest Hits CD. It is fabulous and so funny. It’s helping me get through the LA freeways. The lyrics are very clever and funny. Each time I listen I catch more of the nuances. You all are wonderful! I am so impressed.”

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson
Vice President; Dean,
, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
University of Judaism

“Singing with the Righteous Mothers always ensures a wonderful and heartfelt experience…”

Pastor Pat Wright
Total Experience Gospel Choir

“You were the totally hot act in Saturday’s benefit Concert! Your songs are smart and smarting – had us laughing and crying (sometimes both at once). And your stage presence and routines were hilariously perfect. Brilliant performance all the way around. I’m a fan.”

Jody Aliesan
PCC Farmland Fund

“Great sense of theater and humor that is too often missing from musical groups. Very entertaining!”

“Your originality is top notch! I loved your lyrics!”

“Good high energy. Nice, tight performance, won the crowd – and you looked like you loved what you were doing. Good choice of songs – so different from the other groups!”

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