A Certification Agency For The Modern Doula - Developing Compassionate DOULAS and Creating Professional Opportunities
The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek language and is defined as “a woman who serves”.

The ProDoula philosophy is designed to provide clients with Doulas that are professional and educated, as well as nurturing and compassionate. A ProDoula’s desire is to help create the best possible birth or postpartum experience for the client’s entire family.

A ProDoula is knowledgeable regarding each labor or postpartum topic. Ensuring that her clients have a judgment-free environment in which to make their decisions is of the utmost importance. A ProDoula is on a career path with the responsibility to develop herself into a professional deserving of respect and financial success.

A ProDoula stays current on all things related to her industry to ensure she is providing her clients with the most accurate and up to date information. At ProDoula we provide you with guidance and support, but we encourage each Doula to find their own “style of practice” and find their own inspiration and motivation.