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Plant Nite Boston
Somerville Avenue, Somerville, 2143, Massachusetts, United States

With a cocktail in one hand and a blooming succulent in the other, attendees at a Plant Nite social experience rediscover the sunny childlike joy of playing in the dirt. During these interactive events – all held at local bars and restaurants – budding green thumbs reconnect with friends while listening to top 40 music. A local plant expert will share the tips and tricks to making vibrant arrangements and brilliant mini natural landscapes that last. As an active participant, you’ll create something with your hands to bring a little bit of nature back into your home.

Company Overview:

A new event concept from the creators of Paint Nite, Plant Nite is a creative social event made up of a community of curious consumers, independent creative floral experts and local restaurants.You can discover more about Plant Nite here: Have a question? Email us at

Our Values:

Local Community
The Plant Nite community is made up of 3 local stakeholders.
a. The curious consumer that is looking for a unique and creative night out with friends. A mini getaway that’s around the corner.
b. The local independent creative entrepreneur that is the rare cross-pollination of an entertaining party host and plant expert.
c. The local restaurant that welcomes neighbors with delicious cocktails and comfort food.

Unleash the power of friends.
Our events are not college level horticultural classes. They are interactive, participatory social events where friends reconnect and create new memories above all else. In short, it’s a party where you leave with more than just a buzz.

Create happiness.
Lose yourself in the moment. Reconnect with the natural, non-digital world around you, most importantly, the people right in front of you.

Do something different.
It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone. We never judge, pressure or expect. Ever. Every night is different. A different bar, a different crowd, a different challenge. We celebrate the adventure of trying something new.

General information:

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