Oriental Lodge 20 F&AM
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Oriental Lodge 20 F&AM

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Oriental Lodge 20 F&AM
726 N Center St (North West Corner of N Center and 7th St), Mesa, 85201, AZ, United States

Oriental 20 is the Official Masonic Lodge of Mesa Arizona. We are the Masons of Mesa Arizona. Our Lodge was chartered in 1911 Becoming a Freemason HOW DO I BECOME A FREEMASON? Freemasonry in Arizona accepts no one for membership unless they come of their own free will and accord, having already obtained a favorable impression of our Fraternity. There are few other requirements. You must: * Be a man, over the age of eighteen. * Believe in a Supreme Being. * Live an ethical and moral life. * Have a strong interest in the Fraternity and desire to participate in its charities and its activities. We believe that men are first made Masons in their hearts, then they ask to join our Fraternity. Freemasonry will take these men — good men in their communities — and help them become better men. Each man brings something different into the Fraternity, as different as the types of men that become Masons. But each shares a common core of beliefs and of dreams; each believes that, in a small way, by their actions they help make their world, their communities, and themselves better. If you are interested in receiving more information about the Fraternity of Freemasonry, please feel free to ask any Freemason you may know. If you do not know a Freemason, and you live in Maricopa county – particularly in the East Valley area – you can contact Oriental Lodge #20 and we will be happy to assist you. If you are not from the Phoenix area, visit the Grand Lodge of Arizona which can provide you with both information and the location of a Lodge near you.

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