Millvale Volunteer Fire Department - Station 191 - Allegheny County - Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania Providing Professional Fire and Rescue service's Want to be a Firefighter or a Fire Police officer? The Millvale Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for new members. We meet every Monday night at the station located at 501 Lincoln Avenue at 1900 hrs (7pm). Stop by and talk to our members and grab an application. You can also send us an Email. Thanks for your support! 2019 LINE OFFICERS Chief - Karl Cavanaugh Asst. Chief - Jim Machajewski Deputy Chief - Jim Tunstall, Sr Captain - Colin Machajewski Lieutenant - Jason Crooks Lieutenant - Norman Wilson Engineer - David Hammond, II Fire Marshall's: Karl Cavanaugh Jim Machajewski Executive Board Officers: James Ulrich, President Chuck Grimpe Sr., Vice President Joe Kypta, Secretary Sherri Cavanaugh, Treasurer Trustees: Jason Crooks Josh Richard Adam Macioce Fire Safety Educator: David Hammond, II ACTIVE FIREFIGHTERS *Rich Biernstein Chris Budzinski Sean Buyeske *Karl Cavanaugh Ed Craver Jason Crooks Cory Eberz Will Felger *Chuck Grimpe, Sr Jonathan Halt David Hammond, II Joe Kypta *Jim Machajewski Missy Machajewski Colin Machajewski Tyler Machajewski Adam Macioce Josh Richard James Tunstall, Jr James Tunstall Sr, *James Ulrich, Norman Wilson *= denotes Active Life Member Status (Serving 20+ Years) FIRE POLICE OFFICERS Sherri Cavanaugh (FP 1) Bill Schneider (FP 2) Andrea Parker Becki Heim Kayt Eberz 100% ALL VOLUNTEER Fire Department providing Professional Fire, Rescue and Fire Police services for the Borough of Millvale and mutual aid for surrounding communities.