At Lotus Vine Journeys we offer 14-day immersion retreats with meditation, yoga and ayahuasca in a beautiful location with full amenities.
The highest vision we hold for Lotus Vine Journeys is to help you free your heart and to remember who you truly are. We provide safe and nurturing retreats in Peru where our guests can comfortably experience the healing powers of Ayahuasca in its traditional Amazonian setting. We host our retreats at a beautiful ecolodge with luxury accommodations. It is the teachings of the dharma that provides Lotus Vine Journeys with the ethical grounding and overall framework for each retreat. Both the founder and the facilitators have years of experience with Buddhist-based principles and teaching meditation. Each retreat includes daily meditation classes, yoga along with the highest quality teachings to support you during your stay with us. Our Shipibo shamans are highly skilled and very compassionate. We at Lotus Vine Journeys are practicing Bodhisattvas dedicated to the healing of all beings and our world!
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