Gifted Shaman, psychic medium, Laurie Wondra provides readings, connection with loved ones, and energy healings
Laurie has been in Information Technology for over 25 years, and Executive management with Global teams for most of her career. Global teams have taken her all over the world. She fully understands finding and stepping into personal passion and power. Laurie is also a Certified Executive Coach and has a passion for nature, outdoors, animals and travel. Her lifestyle, management style, passion for working with people, and her deep love of Mother Earth, allow a blending of learned and intuitive skills. She is a lifelong learner. She works naturally with healing powers of mother nature, understanding vibrational energy.
Laurie’s work with the angels and guides allow her to tap into knowledge from past life events, knowledge of the angels and guides, to receive and pass on information from loved ones.
Laurie loves to create, and one of her passions is writing. She is the author of Emerging Energy - a journey within, and Beyond Healing - messages our loved ones, angels, and guides want us to hear, and Becoming a New Frequency - using energy